Ernest Frederick Turrington grave monument in London Road (section E) cemetery, Thetford, Norfolk, England

Ernest Frederick Turrington grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ernest Frederick Turrington
Annie Laura Turrington
06/01/1967801887wife of Ernest Frederick Turrington
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image: TLRE218
grave: 474229
Philip Gunton
image number TLRE218
image: TLRE219
grave: 474230
Archibald Henry Philip Gunton
image number TLRE219
image: TLRE220
grave: 474231
Lilian Margaret Loveday
image number TLRE220
image: TLRE221
grave: 474232
Frank Hurry Palmer
image number TLRE221
image: TLRE222
grave: 474233
Harriet Ann Staniforth
image number TLRE222
image: TLRE223
grave: 474234
Albert George Hallum
image number TLRE223
image: TLRE224
grave: 474235
Ernest Augustus Palmer
image number TLRE224
image: TLRE225
grave: 474236
Charles William White
image number TLRE225
image: TLRE226
grave: 474237
Gerald Arthur Richard Eastell
image number TLRE226
image: TLRE227
grave: 474238
Peggy Pik
image number TLRE227
image: TLRE228
grave: 474239
Ernest Frederick Turrington
image number TLRE228
image: TLRE229
grave: 474240
Benjamin A Thacker
image number TLRE229
image: TLRE230
grave: 474241
James Frederick Springall
image number TLRE230
image: TLRE231
grave: 474242
Jessie Springall
image number TLRE231
image: TLRE232
grave: 474243
Lydia E Dunnell
image number TLRE232
image: TLRE233
grave: 474244
Arthur Hall
image number TLRE233
image: TLRE234
grave: 474245
Arthur James Thomas Hall
image number TLRE234
image: TLRE235
grave: 474246
Rose Theobald
image number TLRE235
image: TLRE236
grave: 474247
Frances Castle
image number TLRE236
image: TLRE237
grave: 474248
Cuthbert Robinson
image number TLRE237
image: TLRE238
grave: 474249
Selina Cator
image number TLRE238

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