Frank William Bond grave monument in The Banks Municipal cemetery, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Frank William Bond grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Frank William Bond
William George Bond
1949561893relationship not given of Frank William Bond
Florabel Bond
1972751897relationship not given of Frank William Bond
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Frank William Bond grave location

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image: BC NWC 141
grave: 465952
Alfred Longdon
image number BC NWC 141
image: BC NWC 142
grave: 465953
Oliver Squires
image number BC NWC 142
image: BC NWC 144
grave: 465954
Charles Pacey
image number BC NWC 144
image: BC NWC 146
grave: 465955
Thomas Buggins
image number BC NWC 146
image: BC NWC 147
grave: 465956
Sarah Smith
image number BC NWC 147
image: BC NWC 152
grave: 465957
Gladys May Miles
image number BC NWC 152
image: BC NWC 153
grave: 465958
E C Richmond
image number BC NWC 153
image: BC NWC 155
grave: 465959
Nora Stewart
image number BC NWC 155
image: BC NWC 156
grave: 465960
Ralph Stewart
image number BC NWC 156
image: BC NWC 157
grave: 465961
John Lacey
image number BC NWC 157
image: BC NWC 160
grave: 465962
Frank William Bond
image number BC NWC 160
image: BC NWC 161
grave: 465963
William S Goodwin
image number BC NWC 161
image: BC NWC 166
grave: 465964
Ernest E L Blenkin
image number BC NWC 166
image: BC NWC 167
grave: 465965
Annie M North
image number BC NWC 167
image: BC NWC 178
grave: 465966
John Percy Ingram
image number BC NWC 178
image: BC NWC 185
grave: 465967
Thomas Adkin Storer
image number BC NWC 185
image: BC NWC 187
grave: 465968
Gertrude Annie Eyre
image number BC NWC 187
image: BC NWC 197
grave: 465969
Blanche Amelia Eyre
image number BC NWC 197
image: BC NWC 207
grave: 465970
Ann Elizabeth Blagg
image number BC NWC 207
image: BC NWC 215
grave: 465971
Rose Rouse
image number BC NWC 215
image: BC NWC 217
grave: 465972
Dennis Spencer
image number BC NWC 217

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