Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 464188Details of grave number 464188 at Crofton Stubbington for David John Hartree

David John Hartree grave monument in Crofton cemetery, Stubbington, Hampshire, England

David John Hartree grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
David John Hartree
Georgina Florence Hartree
1997761921wife of David John Hartree

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image: 1085
grave: 464178
A E H Bebb
image number 1085
image: 1086
grave: 464179
Kathleen M Bebb
image number 1086
image: 1087
grave: 464180
J G Maguire
image number 1087
image: 1088
grave: 464181
John Alfred Semmens
image number 1088
image: 1089
grave: 464182
Emily Maud Rollinson
image number 1089
image: 1090
grave: 464183
Joan Mavis Wady
image number 1090
image: 1091
grave: 464184
Noreen Rose Angear
image number 1091
image: 1092
grave: 464185
Doris May Adelaide Biddle
image number 1092
image: 1093
grave: 464186
Alec John Penney
image number 1093
image: 1094
grave: 464187
Doreen M A Watkins
image number 1094
image: 1095
grave: 464188
David John Hartree
image number 1095

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