Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 462906Details of grave number 462906 at Parish Shedfield for John Julian Robertson Oswald

John Julian Robertson Oswald grave monument in Parish cemetery, Shedfield, Hampshire, England

John Julian Robertson Oswald grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Adml John Julian Robertson Oswald

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The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for John Julian Robertson Oswald was taken.

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image: 553
grave: 462896
Simon Wood
image number 553
image: 554
grave: 462897
John Francis Archard
image number 554
image: 555
grave: 462898
Nellie Hodges
image number 555
image: 556
grave: 462899
John Henry Barfoot
image number 556
image: 557
grave: 462900
Albert Edward Harold Case
image number 557
image: 558
grave: 462901
Trevor Charles Emery
image number 558
image: 559
grave: 462902
Eric A McFarlane
image number 559
image: 560
grave: 462903
Douglas Totterdell
image number 560
image: 561
grave: 462904
Melba Lilian Bertha Carnell
image number 561
image: 562
grave: 462905
Maria Catherine Findlay
image number 562
image: 563
grave: 462906
John Julian Robertson Oswald
image number 563
image: 564
grave: 462907
Grace Eva Gamblin
image number 564
image: 565
grave: 462908
Robin Victor Amor
image number 565
image: 566
grave: 462909
Frederick George Coombes
image number 566
image: 567
grave: 462910
John Reginald Janes
image number 567
image: 568
grave: 462911
Eric Stanley Smith
image number 568
image: 569
grave: 462912
Francis John Gamblin
image number 569
image: 570
grave: 462913
Philip Edwin Derrick
image number 570
image: 571
grave: 462914
Michael John Burrell
image number 571
image: 572
grave: 462915
Angela Sally Wiggins
image number 572
image: 573
grave: 462916
Ivor David Hoar
image number 573

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