Josephine Maevis Andrews grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Wistaston, Cheshire, England

Josephine Maevis Andrews grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Josephine Maevis Andrews
06 November 19835721 December 1926
Peter Andrews
13 May 19977529 April 1922relationship not given of Josephine Maevis Andrews
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image: 769
grave: 451148
Harry Mason
image number 769
image: 770
grave: 451149
Ada Blakemore
image number 770
image: 771
grave: 451150
Nora Levaine Whiston
image number 771
image: 772
grave: 451151
Lawrence Peter Boardman
image number 772
image: 772
grave: 451152
Dennis William Plevin
image number 772
image: 774
grave: 451153
Therese Gorshop
image number 774
image: 775
grave: 451154
Irene Emma Clark
image number 775
image: 776
grave: 451155
Clara Preston
image number 776
image: 777
grave: 451156
Harold Stubbs
image number 777
image: 778
grave: 451157
Patricia Minford
image number 778
image: 779
grave: 451158
Josephine Maevis Andrews
image number 779
image: 780
grave: 451159
Henry O'Neill
image number 780
image: 781
grave: 451160
Nellie Devereux
image number 781
image: 782
grave: 451161
John Raymond Gill
image number 782
image: 783
grave: 451162
Reginald John Hughes
image number 783
image: 784
grave: 451163
John William Mason
image number 784
image: 785
grave: 451164
Robert Bowyer
image number 785
image: 786
grave: 451165
Ethel Salmon
image number 786
image: 787
grave: 451166
Francis Whiston
image number 787
image: 788
grave: 451167
Beryl Mann
image number 788
image: 789
grave: 451168
Evelyn Hancock
image number 789

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