Betty Barraclough grave monument in Holy Trinity , Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

Betty Barraclough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Betty Barraclough
1858741784first name on monumentwife of John Barraclough of Low Moor Top
John Barraclough
1858771781husband of Betty Barracloughhusband of Betty Barraclough
William Coats
186961863relationship not given of Betty Barracloughson of Ben and Susannah Coats; of Chapel Fold; Wibsey;
James Coats
186921867relationship not given of Betty Barracloughson of Ben and Susannah Coats; of Chapel Fold; Wibsey;
Ben Coats
relationship not given of Betty Barracloughfather of William and James Coats
Susannah Coats
relationship not given of Betty Barracloughmother of William and James Coats
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image: 17
grave: 433373
John Wood
image number 17
image: 29
grave: 433374
Patience Barraclough
image number 29
image: 31
grave: 433375
Mary Roper
image number 31
image: 34
grave: 433376
Jenny Bastow
image number 34
image: 37
grave: 433377
Martha Brook
image number 37
image: 35
grave: 433378
Elizabeth Walker
image number 35
image: 36
grave: 433379
image number 36
image: 44
grave: 433380
William Wood
image number 44
image: 49
grave: 433381
Samuel Fletcher
image number 49
image: 51
grave: 433382
Sarah Hinchliff
image number 51
image: 544
grave: 433383
Betty Barraclough
image number 544
image: 527
grave: 433384
Thomas Barraclough
image number 527

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