Thomas Barraclough grave monument in Holy Trinity burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

Thomas Barraclough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Barraclough
182511824son of John and Elizabeth Barraclough; of Wibsey; aged 1yr 9mths
John Barraclough
1866671799father of Thomas Barracloughhusband of Elizabeth Barraclough
Elizabeth Barraclough
1857581799mother of Thomas Barracloughwife of John Barraclough
Ruth Barraclough
1852201832sister-in-law of Thomas Barracloughdau. of John and Elizabeth Barraclough;
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image: 8360
grave: 433347
Hannah Pollard
image number 8360
image: 8555
grave: 433348
Ematt Cordingley
image number 8555
image: 8559
grave: 433349
Samuel Crowther
image number 8559
image: 8568
grave: 433350
Betty Peel
image number 8568
image: 8625
grave: 433351
Lilly Scott
image number 8625
image: 8633
grave: 433352
John Smith
image number 8633
image: 8634
grave: 433353
Mary Tommis
image number 8634
image: 8639
grave: 433354
William Wright
image number 8639
image: 8644
grave: 433355
Jonas Tordoff
image number 8644
image: 8648
grave: 433356
Frank Barraclough
image number 8648
image: 8652
grave: 433357
Thomas Barraclough
image number 8652
image: 8657
grave: 433358
Francis Barraclough
image number 8657
image: 8665
grave: 433359
Hannah Barraclough
image number 8665
image: 8670
grave: 433360
Jonas Wilkinson
image number 8670
image: 8675
grave: 433361
Lydia Barraclough
image number 8675
image: 328
grave: 433362
Elizabeth Barraclough
image number 328
image: 8681
grave: 433363
Joseph Hanson
image number 8681
image: 8878
grave: 433364
Pallie Bowie
image number 8878
image: 8882
grave: 433365
Jonas Jowett
image number 8882
image: 1
grave: 433366
Elizabeth Pilling
image number 1
image: 5
grave: 433367
Joseph Pilling
image number 5

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