George Woodhead grave monument in Holy Trinity , Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

George Woodhead grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
George Woodhead
1827581769first name on monumentof North Bierley;
Elizabeth Woodhead
1834341800daughter of George Woodheaddau. of Geoge Woodhead;
Benjamin Woodhead
1834291805son of George Woodheadson of George Woodhead;
Ann Woodhead
1847751772wife of George Woodheadwife of George Woodhead;
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image: 9101
grave: 433088
William Mathers
image number 9101
image: 9104
grave: 433089
Eli Pickels
image number 9104
image: 9106
grave: 433090
Breaks Barraclough
image number 9106
image: 9108
grave: 433091
James Barraclough
image number 9108
image: 9561
grave: 433092
John Rhodes
image number 9561
image: 9565
grave: 433093
Mary Hannah Wilson
image number 9565
image: 9567
grave: 433094
James Rhodes
image number 9567
image: 9570
grave: 433095
Noah Woodhead
image number 9570
image: 9572
grave: 433096
Joseph Bolton
image number 9572
image: 9574
grave: 433097
John Woodhead
image number 9574
image: 9579
grave: 433098
George Woodhead
image number 9579
image: 9583
grave: 433099
Samuel Firth
image number 9583
image: 9585
grave: 433100
Thomas Thornton
image number 9585
image: 9589
grave: 433101
Mark Fletcher
image number 9589
image: 9593
grave: 433102
Thomas Fletcher
image number 9593
image: 9599
grave: 433103
James Woodhead
image number 9599
image: 9604
grave: 433104
William Crowther
image number 9604
image: 9609
grave: 433105
Newton Hardwick
image number 9609
image: 9610
grave: 433106
John Lightowlers
image number 9610
image: 9612
grave: 433107
Jonathan Brashaw
image number 9612
image: 9615
grave: 433108
Sarah Ann Teasdale
image number 9615

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