Hannah Barraclough grave monument in Holy Trinity , Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

Hannah Barraclough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Hannah Barraclough
1830271803first name on monumentwife of Francis Barraclough; of Wibsey
Jonas Seed
184171834relationship not given of Hannah Barracloughson of Harriet Seed; grandson of Jonas and Elizabeth Seed; Buttershaw
Jonas Seed
1843611782relationship not given of Hannah Barraclough
Elizabeth Seed
1847651782relationship not given of Hannah Barracloughwife of Jonas Seed
Mary Seed
1875671808relationship not given of Hannah Barracloughdau. of Jonas and Elizabeth Seed
Joseph Seed
1876651811relationship not given of Hannah Barracloughson of Jonas and Elizabeth Seed
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image: 8778
grave: 433011
Benjamin Bellfield
image number 8778
image: 8781
grave: 433012
Caroline Fillingham Leigh
image number 8781
image: 8783
grave: 433013
Faith Wright
image number 8783
image: 8785
grave: 433014
Susey Shaw Clark
image number 8785
image: 8792
grave: 433015
Richard Woodcock
image number 8792
image: 8795
grave: 433016
James Lightowler
image number 8795
image: 8798
grave: 433017
John Clarkson
image number 8798
image: 8801
grave: 433018
Mary Garside
image number 8801
image: 8806
grave: 433019
Martha Belfield
image number 8806
image: 8811
grave: 433020
James Woodhead Marsden
image number 8811
image: 8815
grave: 433021
Hannah Barraclough
image number 8815
image: 8822
grave: 433022
Squier Jackson
image number 8822
image: 8824
grave: 433023
Hannah Mitchell
image number 8824
image: 8826
grave: 433024
Sarah Smales
image number 8826
image: 8828
grave: 433025
John Bolland
image number 8828
image: 8831
grave: 433026
John Wright
image number 8831
image: 8834
grave: 433027
Mary Jane Haigh
image number 8834
image: 8849
grave: 433028
John Barraclough
image number 8849
image: 8852
grave: 433029
Abraham Barraclough
image number 8852
image: 8854
grave: 433030
Jacob North
image number 8854
image: 8858
grave: 433031
Faith North
image number 8858

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