Timothy Barraclough grave monument in Holy Trinity , Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

Timothy Barraclough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Timothy Barraclough
1825721753first name on monumentof Buttershaw House; This stone never to be disturbed
Sarah Barraclough
1834791755wife of Timothy Barracloughwife of Timothy Barraclough
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image: 8602
grave: 432979
Samuel Threapland
image number 8602
image: 8603
grave: 432980
Samuelis Threapland
image number 8603
image: 8604
grave: 432981
Samuelis Threapland
image number 8604
image: 8607
grave: 432982
Susannah Wooller
image number 8607
image: 8612
grave: 432983
William Higgins
image number 8612
image: 8614
grave: 432984
James Hodgson
image number 8614
image: 8616
grave: 432985
Peggy Wigglesworth
image number 8616
image: 8618
grave: 432986
S Bolton
image number 8618
image: 8619
grave: 432987
James Wigglesworth
image number 8619
image: 8691
grave: 432988
Sarah Warburton
image number 8691
image: 6
grave: 432989
Timothy Barraclough
image number 6
image: 8713
grave: 432990
Samuel Baxter
image number 8713
image: 8715
grave: 432991
Amos Hardy
image number 8715
image: 8716
grave: 432992
Rose Tempest
image number 8716
image: 8719
grave: 432993
Ann Baker
image number 8719
image: 8721
grave: 432994
Richard Hardy
image number 8721
image: 8727
grave: 432995
Sarah Townend
image number 8727
image: 8732
grave: 432996
William Hardy
image number 8732
image: 8734
grave: 432997
Stephen Hardy snr
image number 8734
image: 8736
grave: 432998
Stephen Hardy
image number 8736
image: 8740
grave: 432999
Joshua Smith
image number 8740

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