William Barraclough grave monument in Holy Trinity burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

William Barraclough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Barraclough
Joseph Barraclough
1766181748brother of William Barraclough
Francis Barraclough
1798731725father of William Barraclough
Hannah Barraclough
1775481727mother of William Barraclough
Mary Barraclough
177041766sister of William Barraclough
Hannah Barraclough
1795431752sister of William Barraclough
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find William Barraclough grave location

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image: 8350
grave: 432926
Hannah Tordoff
image number 8350
image: 8354
grave: 432927
Joseph Wood
image number 8354
image: 8358
grave: 432928
Betty Mathers
image number 8358
image: 8362
grave: 432929
David Lightowlers
image number 8362
image: 8368
grave: 432930
Aleis Royston
image number 8368
image: 8374
grave: 432931
Isaac Bower
image number 8374
image: 8375
grave: 432932
John Wood
image number 8375
image: 8381
grave: 432933
Christopher Brook
image number 8381
image: 8389
grave: 432934
Grace Cochrane
image number 8389
image: 8396
grave: 432935
John Barraclough
image number 8396
image: 8397
grave: 432936
William Barraclough
image number 8397
image: 8404
grave: 432937
Grace Tordoff
image number 8404
image: 8412
grave: 432938
William Tordoff
image number 8412
image: 8417
grave: 432939
William Tordoff
image number 8417
image: 8419
grave: 432940
Martha Bateman
image number 8419
image: 8421
grave: 432941
image number 8421
image: 8421
grave: 432942
Richard Birkby
image number 8421
image: 8423
grave: 432943
Betty Birkby
image number 8423
image: 8429
grave: 432944
Martha Wilkinson
image number 8429
image: 8431
grave: 432945
Mary Slater
image number 8431
image: 8437
grave: 432946
Thomas Wilkinson
image number 8437

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