Ann Barraclough grave monument in Holy Trinity burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

Ann Barraclough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ann Barraclough
1902771825of Little Horton;
Thomas William Barraclough
1905491856relationship not given of Ann Barraclough
Bathsheba Barraclough
1909711838relationship not given of Ann Barraclough
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image: 7563
grave: 432738
George Wilks
image number 7563
image: 7568
grave: 432739
Squire Hodgson
image number 7568
image: 7573
grave: 432740
Alfred Hanson
image number 7573
image: 7577
grave: 432741
Alfred Brayshaw
image number 7577
image: 7581
grave: 432742
Henry Horn Woodcock
image number 7581
image: 7585
grave: 432743
Thomas Whitley Shaw
image number 7585
image: 7589
grave: 432744
Sarah Ann Barraclough
image number 7589
image: 7590
grave: 432745
Emma Holdsworth
image number 7590
image: 7594
grave: 432746
Martha Wood
image number 7594
image: 7596
grave: 432747
Annie Petty
image number 7596
image: 7598
grave: 432748
Ann Barraclough
image number 7598
image: 7600
grave: 432749
Percy Ellis
image number 7600
image: 7601
grave: 432750
George Haigh
image number 7601
image: 7610
grave: 432751
Sam Wilman
image number 7610
image: 7611
grave: 432752
Martin Fletcher
image number 7611
image: 7614
grave: 432753
John Whitteron Robinson
image number 7614
image: 7617
grave: 432754
Arthur Firth
image number 7617
image: 7619
grave: 432755
Caroline Firth
image number 7619
image: 7622
grave: 432756
Christopher Edmondson
image number 7622
image: 7624
grave: 432757
Richard Edmondson
image number 7624
image: 7628
grave: 432758
Elizabeth Briggs
image number 7628

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