Thomas Oxley Smith grave monument in Holy Trinity , Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

Thomas Oxley Smith grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Oxley Smith
1917571860first name on monument
Sarah Norfolk
1903741829mother-in-law of Thomas Oxley Smith
Louisa Norfolk
1914561858sister-in-law of Thomas Oxley Smith
Mary Jane Smith
1950871863wife of Thomas Oxley Smith
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image: 6967
grave: 432575
Emma Wood
image number 6967
image: 6971
grave: 432576
Elizabeth Ann Smith
image number 6971
image: 6974
grave: 432577
Thomas Pickard
image number 6974
image: 6975
grave: 432578
Mary Ann Mitchell
image number 6975
image: 6980
grave: 432579
Martha Greenough
image number 6980
image: 6981
grave: 432580
William Illingworth
image number 6981
image: 6982
grave: 432581
Samuel Slater
image number 6982
image: 6984
grave: 432582
Harry Worsnop
image number 6984
image: 6986
grave: 432583
Thomas Bolton
image number 6986
image: 6987
grave: 432584
Moses Bottomley
image number 6987
image: 6988
grave: 432585
Thomas Oxley Smith
image number 6988
image: 6991
grave: 432586
Samuel Eastwood
image number 6991
image: 6993
grave: 432587
Jonathan Fawcett
image number 6993
image: 6996
grave: 432588
Fred Barraclough
image number 6996
image: 6999
grave: 432589
Emma Turner
image number 6999
image: 7002
grave: 432590
Elijah Edwards
image number 7002
image: 7004
grave: 432591
Mary Garside
image number 7004
image: 7006
grave: 432592
Joshua Stocks
image number 7006
image: 7007
grave: 432593
Jabez Barker
image number 7007
image: 7008
grave: 432594
Peter Briggs
image number 7008
image: 7012
grave: 432595
Joseph Briggs
image number 7012

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