Joshua Bailey grave monument in Holy Trinity , Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

Joshua Bailey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Joshua Bailey
1856241832first name on monumentson of Benjamin and Hannah Bailey; of Low Moor
Benjamin Bailey
1865691796father of Joshua Bailey
Hannah Bailey
mother of Joshua Bailey
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image: 6544
grave: 432485
Joseph Blaymires
image number 6544
image: 6553
grave: 432486
Mary Wilson
image number 6553
image: 6555
grave: 432487
Charles Boocock
image number 6555
image: 6557
grave: 432488
John Melding
image number 6557
image: 6563
grave: 432489
Joseph Clough
image number 6563
image: 6569
grave: 432490
Mary Barraclough
image number 6569
image: 6576
grave: 432491
Francis Collins
image number 6576
image: 6579
grave: 432492
Joseph Barraclough
image number 6579
image: 6584
grave: 432493
Thomas Whetnell
image number 6584
image: 6585
grave: 432494
Roger Powel
image number 6585
image: 6601
grave: 432495
Joshua Bailey
image number 6601
image: 6605
grave: 432496
Elizabeth Wilkinson
image number 6605
image: 6607
grave: 432497
Susannah Tordoff
image number 6607
image: 6610
grave: 432498
Jane Wadsworth
image number 6610
image: 6612
grave: 432499
Sally Roper
image number 6612
image: 6613
grave: 432500
Maria Higgins
image number 6613
image: 6614
grave: 432501
James Fletcher
image number 6614
image: 6616
grave: 432502
Charles Wood
image number 6616
image: 6618
grave: 432503
Christopher Pearson
image number 6618
image: 6621
grave: 432504
William Rodger
image number 6621
image: 6626
grave: 432505
John Mallinson
image number 6626

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