Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 430365Details of grave number 430365 at Holy Trinity West Runton for Richard James William Balls

Richard James William Balls grave monument in Holy Trinity burial ground, West Runton, Norfolk, England

Richard James William Balls grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Richard James William Balls

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image: 544
grave: 430355
Frank Matthew Brown
image number 544
image: 545
grave: 430356
Vivinne Laura Flaxman
image number 545
image: 546
grave: 430357
John Hill Love
image number 546
image: 547
grave: 430358
George Abbs
image number 547
image: 548
grave: 430359
Nina Mary Croxford
image number 548
image: 549
grave: 430360
Betty Pauline Cossey
image number 549
image: 550
grave: 430361
James Alfred Abbs
image number 550
image: 551
grave: 430362
Reginald Arthur Atkins
image number 551
image: 552
grave: 430363
Marion Agnes Hatcher
image number 552
image: 553
grave: 430364
Edna Eugenie Loftus
image number 553
image: 554
grave: 430365
Richard James William Balls
image number 554
image: 555
grave: 430366
Nancy Agnes Lusher
image number 555
image: 556
grave: 430367
Ruth Rebecca Abbs
image number 556
image: 557
grave: 430368
Robert Love
image number 557
image: 558
grave: 430369
Constance Gertrude Trudi Hodson
image number 558
image: 559
grave: 430370
Ethel Laura Leake
image number 559
image: 562
grave: 430371
Roy William Granville Lewis
image number 562
image: 563
grave: 430372
Louise Rosalie Saxby
image number 563
image: 564
grave: 430373
Mary Theodora Marsh
image number 564
image: 565
grave: 430374
Ethel Daly
image number 565
image: 566
grave: 430375
David Harvard Bridgwater
image number 566

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