Arthur Spencer grave monument in St Stephen burial ground, Carlby, Lincolnshire, England

Arthur Spencer grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Arthur Spencer
11 August 1955541901
Nora Elizabeth Spencer
07 June 1981781903wife of Arthur Spencer
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image: T13007
grave: 412444
Lewis James Ashworth
image number T13007
image: T13009
grave: 412445
Norman Lewis Groves
image number T13009
image: T13010
grave: 412446
Frank John Barney
image number T13010
image: T13011
grave: 412447
Frederick Cooper
image number T13011
image: T13012
grave: 412448
Charles Wilfred Harper
image number T13012
image: T13013
grave: 412449
Arthur Spencer
image number T13013
image: T13014
grave: 412450
Henry Templeman
image number T13014
image: T13015
grave: 412451
James Templeman
image number T13015
image: T13016
grave: 412452
Mary Ann Mowberry
image number T13016
image: T13017
grave: 412453
Edward Isarbey
image number T13017
image: T13018
grave: 412454
Robert Hurt
image number T13018
image: T13019
grave: 412455
Sarah Bull
image number T13019
image: T13020
grave: 412456
Ann Wright
image number T13020
image: T13021
grave: 412457
Jean Elina Beverley
image number T13021
image: T13022
grave: 412458
Peter Thomas Salsbury
image number T13022
image: T13122
grave: 412459
Paul Thomas Salsbury
image number T13122

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