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Catherine Nugent grave monument in St Patrick burial ground, New Stevenston, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Catherine Nugent grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Catherine Nugent
Sadie Nugent
1988621926daughter of Catherine Nugent
Owen Nugent
1976781898husband of Catherine Nugent
Michael Nugent
1973421931son of Catherine Nugent
John Nugent
1994621932son of Catherine Nugent
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Catherine Nugent grave location

(20 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 406539)

The following thumbnail images are the 20 taken before and 20 after the one for Catherine Nugent was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Catherine Nugent below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Catherine Nugent grave.

image: IMG_0630
grave: 406519
John Shields
image number IMG_0630
image: IMG_0631
grave: 406520
Samuel Blair
image number IMG_0631
image: IMG_0632
grave: 406521
Thomas Lynch
image number IMG_0632
image: IMG_0633
grave: 406522
Patrick Gaffney
image number IMG_0633
image: IMG_0634
grave: 406523
Rosina Morris
image number IMG_0634
image: IMG_0635
grave: 406524
Margaret Duffy
image number IMG_0635
image: IMG_0636
grave: 406525
Robert Douse
image number IMG_0636
image: IMG_0637
grave: 406526
James Christie
image number IMG_0637
image: IMG_0638
grave: 406527
John Morrison
image number IMG_0638
image: IMG_0639
grave: 406528
Edward O'Brien
image number IMG_0639
image: IMG_0640
grave: 406529
Mary Reilly
image number IMG_0640
image: IMG_0641
grave: 406530
Vincent Rodgers
image number IMG_0641
image: IMG_0642
grave: 406531
Betty Dewar
image number IMG_0642
image: IMG_0643
grave: 406532
Mary Carragher
image number IMG_0643
image: IMG_0644
grave: 406533
John Howard
image number IMG_0644
image: IMG_0645
grave: 406534
Peter McGraith
image number IMG_0645
image: IMG_0646
grave: 406535
Mary Syme
image number IMG_0646
image: IMG_0647
grave: 406536
John Hendry Gray Syme
image number IMG_0647
image: IMG_0648
grave: 406537
Bernard Donnelly
image number IMG_0648
image: IMG_0649
grave: 406538
Margaret Mary Kennedy
image number IMG_0649
image: IMG_0650
grave: 406539
Catherine Nugent
image number IMG_0650
image: IMG_0651
grave: 406540
James Doyle
image number IMG_0651
image: IMG_0652
grave: 406541
James Ryan
image number IMG_0652
image: IMG_0653
grave: 406542
Rose Willox
image number IMG_0653
image: IMG_0654
grave: 406543
Agnes Gunn
image number IMG_0654
image: IMG_0655
grave: 406544
Terence Gallagher
image number IMG_0655
image: IMG_0656
grave: 406545
Catherine McCrory
image number IMG_0656
image: IMG_0657
grave: 406546
Agnes Mooney
image number IMG_0657
image: IMG_0658
grave: 406547
Stephen Mulheron
image number IMG_0658
image: IMG_0659
grave: 406548
Patrick Campbell
image number IMG_0659
image: IMG_0660
grave: 406549
James Cavanagh
image number IMG_0660
image: IMG_0661
grave: 406550
James Killoran
image number IMG_0661
image: IMG_0662
grave: 406551
Mary McManus
image number IMG_0662
image: IMG_0663
grave: 406552
Thomas Findlay
image number IMG_0663
image: IMG_0664
grave: 406553
John Maher
image number IMG_0664
image: IMG_0665
grave: 406554
James Brown
image number IMG_0665
image: IMG_0666
grave: 406555
Francis Murray
image number IMG_0666
image: IMG_0667
grave: 406556
John Smith
image number IMG_0667
image: IMG_0668
grave: 406557
Patrick Campbell
image number IMG_0668
image: IMG_0669
grave: 406558
Malcolm Hutchison
image number IMG_0669
image: IMG_0670
grave: 406559
Terry Clinton
image number IMG_0670

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This breadcrumb trail system was added to the GPR on 15th August 2016.