Mabel Marion Hebditch grave monument in Holy Ghost burial ground, Crowcombe, Somerset, England

Mabel Marion Hebditch grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mabel Marion Hebditch
R W Hebditch
husband of Mabel Marion Hebditch
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image: Crow85
grave: 399008
Eliza Holland
image number Crow85
image: Crow86
grave: 399009
Frederick Howard Churchill Rogers
image number Crow86
image: Crow87
grave: 399010
Kate Helena Chidley
image number Crow87
image: Crow89
grave: 399011
Wilfred Frank Chidley
image number Crow89
image: Crow90
grave: 399012
Arthur Edward Bishop
image number Crow90
image: Crow91
grave: 399013
Harold Charles Jennings
image number Crow91
image: Crow92
grave: 399014
Lily Elizabeth Webber
image number Crow92
image: Crow93
grave: 399015
Ethel Mary Follett
image number Crow93
image: Crow94
grave: 399016
Richard Coles
image number Crow94
image: Crow95
grave: 399017
Emily Coles
image number Crow95
image: Crow96
grave: 399018
Mabel Marion Hebditch
image number Crow96
image: Crow97
grave: 399019
Gwendoline Ellen Mary Smith
image number Crow97
image: Crow98
grave: 399020
Roger Webber
image number Crow98
image: Crow99
grave: 399021
Edna Florence Jennings
image number Crow99
image: Crow100
grave: 399022
Dorothy Ann Adams
image number Crow100
image: Crow101
grave: 399023
George Brunskill
image number Crow101
image: Crow103
grave: 399024
James Bernard
image number Crow103
image: Crow105
grave: 399025
Henry Sweeting
image number Crow105
image: Crow106
grave: 399026
John Doble
image number Crow106
image: Crow108
grave: 399027
Coventry Warrington Carew
image number Crow108
image: Crow110
grave: 399028
Thomas Fleming Trollope-Bellew
image number Crow110

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