Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 397005Details of grave number 397005 at St Andrew Blo Norton for Amos L Munford

Amos L Munford grave monument in St Andrew burial ground, Blo Norton, Norfolk, England

Amos L Munford grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Amos L Munford
Clara Munford
04/12/1972871885wife of Amos L Munford

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image: BN124
grave: 396995
John Davey
image number BN124
image: BN125
grave: 396996
Kathleen May Bowe
image number BN125
image: BN126
grave: 396997
Cyril Crowe
image number BN126
image: BN127
grave: 396998
Ernest George Smith
image number BN127
image: BN128
grave: 396999
Arthur James Chenery
image number BN128
image: BN129
grave: 397000
David Russell Munford
image number BN129
image: BN130
grave: 397001
Lilian Wells
image number BN130
image: BN131
grave: 397002
Louisa Rose Davey
image number BN131
image: BN132
grave: 397003
George Alfred Mison
image number BN132
image: BN133
grave: 397004
Winifred Paynter
image number BN133
image: BN134
grave: 397005
Amos L Munford
image number BN134
image: BN135
grave: 397006
Anna Margaret Pearson
image number BN135
image: BN136
grave: 397007
Alfred Bareham
image number BN136
image: BN137
grave: 397008
Caroline Blanche Rolfe
image number BN137
image: BN138
grave: 397009
Louisa Ellen Edlin
image number BN138
image: BN139
grave: 397010
James Welton
image number BN139
image: BN140
grave: 397011
Anna Lucy Mison
image number BN140
image: BN141
grave: 397012
Akice Eavis
image number BN141
image: BN142
grave: 397013
John Eavis
image number BN142
image: BN143
grave: 397014
Amelia G Hubbard
image number BN143
image: BN144
grave: 397015
Ernest William Rose
image number BN144

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