Isaac G Leininger grave monument in Mohnsville cemetery, Mohnton, Pennsylvania, United States

Isaac G Leininger grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Isaac G Leininger
Alice F Leininger
19641011863relationship not given of Isaac G Leininger
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Isaac G Leininger grave location

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image: 6857
grave: 373846
Catherine Marks
image number 6857
image: 6858
grave: 373847
Richard H Marks
image number 6858
image: 6859
grave: 373848
Charles H Stetler
image number 6859
image: 6860
grave: 373849
Kate A Stetler
image number 6860
image: 6861
grave: 373850
Jacob Phillips
image number 6861
image: 6862
grave: 373851
Amanda G Phillips
image number 6862
image: 6863
grave: 373852
Malinda Phillips
image number 6863
image: 6864
grave: 373853
Catharine Grill
image number 6864
image: 6865
grave: 373854
Lydia Leininger
image number 6865
image: 6866
grave: 373855
James Leininger
image number 6866
image: 6867
grave: 373856
Isaac G Leininger
image number 6867
image: 6868
grave: 373857
Catharine Lutz
image number 6868
image: 6869
grave: 373858
Daniel Lutz
image number 6869
image: 6870
grave: 373859
James H Lutz
image number 6870
image: 6871
grave: 373860
Bonding W Lutz
image number 6871
image: 6872
grave: 373861
Adkin H Lutz
image number 6872
image: 6873
grave: 373862
Marvin D Lutz
image number 6873
image: 6874
grave: 373863
William J Worley
image number 6874
image: 6875
grave: 373864
Emma Elsie (Worley)
image number 6875
image: 6876
grave: 373865
Baby Worley
image number 6876
image: 6877
grave: 373866
Clarence Worley
image number 6877

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