Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 356168Details of grave number 356168 at St Andrew (ruin) Roudham for Ruby Joyce Copsey

Ruby Joyce Copsey grave monument in St Andrew (ruin) burial ground, Roudham, Norfolk, England

Ruby Joyce Copsey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ruby Joyce Copsey
Henry Mark Copsey
21/11/2007831924husband of Ruby Joyce Copsey

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image: Roud4
grave: 356158
Charles Teat
image number Roud4
image: Roud5
grave: 356159
Charles Squires
image number Roud5
image: Roud6
grave: 356160
John Frederick David Nunn
image number Roud6
image: Roud7
grave: 356161
Mary Frances Nunn
image number Roud7
image: Roud8
grave: 356162
Tony Woods
image number Roud8
image: Roud9
grave: 356163
Cyril Bertie Burlingham
image number Roud9
image: Roud10
grave: 356164
Peter James Seymour Barry
image number Roud10
image: Roud11
grave: 356165
James Arthur Nolan
image number Roud11
image: Roud12
grave: 356166
Carl Jonathan Willimott
image number Roud12
image: Roud13
grave: 356167
Joyce Winterbone
image number Roud13
image: Roud14
grave: 356168
Ruby Joyce Copsey
image number Roud14
image: Roud15
grave: 356169
Marguerite Rose Marlow
image number Roud15
image: Roud16
grave: 356170
Henry Mark Osborne
image number Roud16
image: Roud17
grave: 356171
Alan John Martin
image number Roud17
image: Roud18
grave: 356172
William Bilham
image number Roud18
image: Roud19
grave: 356173
Robert Arthur Waters
image number Roud19
image: Roud20
grave: 356174
Lilian Rachel Ward
image number Roud20
image: Roud21
grave: 356175
Daniel Halls
image number Roud21
image: Roud22
grave: 356176
Bernard Burlingham
image number Roud22
image: Roud23
grave: 356177
Sidney Benham Chapman
image number Roud23
image: Roud24
grave: 356178
Helen Elizabeth Chapman
image number Roud24

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