John James Turrington grave monument in All Saints burial ground, Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, England

John James Turrington grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John James Turrington
Winifred Turrington
27-Nov-91791912wife of John James Turrington
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image: 3676
grave: 344570
Victor Taylor
image number 3676
image: 3677
grave: 344571
Colin Edward Ayres
image number 3677
image: 3678
grave: 344572
Flo Whittred
image number 3678
image: 3679
grave: 344573
Ruth Earl
image number 3679
image: 3680
grave: 344574
Harold Ayres
image number 3680
image: 3681
grave: 344575
Florence Shipp
image number 3681
image: 3682
grave: 344576
William George Collins
image number 3682
image: 3684
grave: 344577
Raymond Huggins
image number 3684
image: 3685
grave: 344578
Cyril Edward Ayres
image number 3685
image: 3687
grave: 344579
George Robert Hendry
image number 3687
image: 3688
grave: 344580
John James Turrington
image number 3688
image: 3689
grave: 344581
Albert George Doughty
image number 3689
image: 3690
grave: 344582
Arthur J Eke
image number 3690
image: 3692
grave: 344583
Douglas Lionel Wynne Williams
image number 3692
image: 3693
grave: 344584
Sydney Ambrose Everitt
image number 3693
image: 3694
grave: 344585
Frank Reginald Beaumont
image number 3694
image: 3695
grave: 344586
George Anthony Southerland
image number 3695
image: 3696
grave: 344587
Maurice Edward Major
image number 3696
image: 3697
grave: 344588
Albert Edward Webdale
image number 3697
image: 3699
grave: 344589
George Futter
image number 3699
image: 3700
grave: 344590
Charles Joseph Beck
image number 3700

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