Clarence John Ayres grave monument in All Saints , Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, England

Clarence John Ayres grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Clarence John Ayres
26-Jan-88771911first name on monument
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image: 3622
grave: 344516
Richard Craig Bell
image number 3622
image: 3623
grave: 344517
Michael Thomas Futter
image number 3623
image: 3624
grave: 344518
Bertha Raisbury
image number 3624
image: 3625
grave: 344519
Alma Margaret Edith Bell
image number 3625
image: 3626
grave: 344520
Reginald Albert Engledow
image number 3626
image: 3627
grave: 344521
Mildred Lena Pinkerton
image number 3627
image: 3628
grave: 344522
Clarence John Ayres
image number 3628
image: 3629
grave: 344523
Alice Mary Turrington
image number 3629
image: 3630
grave: 344524
Victor Futter
image number 3630
image: 3631
grave: 344525
Horace William Bobbins
image number 3631
image: 3631
grave: 344526
Norah May Bobbins
image number 3631
image: 3632
grave: 344527
Dorothy May Lord
image number 3632
image: 3633
grave: 344528
Mary Anne Hamilton
image number 3633
image: 3634
grave: 344529
William Suckling
image number 3634
image: 3635
grave: 344530
John Arthur Parnell
image number 3635
image: 3636
grave: 344531
George Bobbins
image number 3636
image: 3637
grave: 344532
Doris Mary Lever
image number 3637

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