Mary Price grave monument in Municipal , Alford, Lincolnshire, England

Mary Price grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Price
18918023 Feb 181first name on monumentWidow of Walter Price.
Walter Price
husband of Mary PriceHusband of Mary Price. Predeceased his wife.
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image: 1283
grave: 323014
Jesse Thompson
image number 1283
image: 1284
grave: 323015
Minnie Harrison
image number 1284
image: 1285
grave: 323016
Evelyn Minnie Harrison
image number 1285
image: 1286
grave: 323017
John Hill
image number 1286
image: 1287
grave: 323018
J W Chambers
image number 1287
image: 1288
grave: 323019
Mary Thompson Luffman
image number 1288
image: 1289
grave: 323020
Christiana Brown
image number 1289
image: 1290
grave: 323021
William J J Forman
image number 1290
image: 1291
grave: 323022
Hurdman Wilkinson
image number 1291
image: 1292
grave: 323023
Edgar Thomas Williams
image number 1292
image: 1293
grave: 323024
Mary Price
image number 1293
image: 1294
grave: 323025
Ann Kell
image number 1294
image: 1295
grave: 323026
Emma English Day
image number 1295
image: 1296
grave: 323027
Mary Griffiths
image number 1296
image: 1297
grave: 323028
Susan Lonsdale
image number 1297
image: 1298
grave: 323029
Charlotte Peacock
image number 1298
image: 1299
grave: 323030
Fanny Stainton
image number 1299
image: 1300
grave: 323031
Emma Smith
image number 1300
image: 1301
grave: 323032
John Stockton
image number 1301
image: 1302
grave: 323033
Henry M Leusby
image number 1302
image: 1303
grave: 323034
Annie Waters Walker
image number 1303

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