Charlotte Elizabeth Dix grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Charlotte Elizabeth Dix grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charlotte Elizabeth Dix
July 18 19781873
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Charlotte Elizabeth Dix grave location

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image: DSC03096
grave: 313165
Matilda Howes
image number DSC03096
image: DSC03099
grave: 313166
James Parker
image number DSC03099
image: DSC03101
grave: 313167
Harriet Elizabeth Drake
image number DSC03101
image: DSC03107
grave: 313168
Edwin John Beaver
image number DSC03107
image: DSC03108
grave: 313169
Alice Witton
image number DSC03108
image: DSC03110
grave: 313170
Ellen Mary Allen
image number DSC03110
image: DSC03113
grave: 313171
Bertha Betts Witton
image number DSC03113
image: DSC03115
grave: 313172
Mabel Duly
image number DSC03115
image: DSC03116
grave: 313173
Agnes Edith Ives
image number DSC03116
image: DSC03118
grave: 313174
William A Newton
image number DSC03118
image: DSC03120
grave: 313175
Charlotte Elizabeth Dix
image number DSC03120
image: DSC03121
grave: 313176
Philip Roy
image number DSC03121
image: DSC03122
grave: 313177
George Purdy
image number DSC03122
image: DSC03126
grave: 313178
Philip Henry Tweedy
image number DSC03126
image: DSC03127
grave: 313179
Deborah Nudds
image number DSC03127
image: DSC03129
grave: 313180
James March Taylor
image number DSC03129
image: DSC03132
grave: 313181
Thomas Benjamin Howell
image number DSC03132
image: DSC03140
grave: 313182
William James
image number DSC03140
image: DSC03161
grave: 313183
E M C Taylor
image number DSC03161
image: DSC03162
grave: 313184
John Ellis Lorrimer
image number DSC03162
image: DSC03163
grave: 313185
Gilbert Bevan Mattey
image number DSC03163

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