Dinah Belding grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Dinah Belding grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Dinah Belding
April 19 1791829stone broken at top
Sgt Sidney Belding
April 15 1291889grand son of Dinah Belding(Royal Air Force) fell in action
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image: DSC03000
grave: 313119
Walter Butcher
image number DSC03000
image: DSC03003
grave: 313120
Ulla May Hammond
image number DSC03003
image: DSC03006
grave: 313121
Lawrence Oldfield
image number DSC03006
image: DSC03008
grave: 313122
Horace William Oliver
image number DSC03008
image: DSC03009
grave: 313123
Arthur Hargreaves
image number DSC03009
image: DSC03015
grave: 313124
Olive Maud Clamp
image number DSC03015
image: DSC03016
grave: 313125
Katherine Child
image number DSC03016
image: DSC03017
grave: 313126
Mildred Victoria Clamp
image number DSC03017
image: DSC03023
grave: 313127
Benjamin Thomas Playford
image number DSC03023
image: DSC03025
grave: 313128
Richard Ralph Smith
image number DSC03025
image: DSC03032
grave: 313129
Dinah Belding
image number DSC03032
image: DSC03033
grave: 313130
Pitcher Belding
image number DSC03033
image: DSC03034
grave: 313131
Beryl Haclin
image number DSC03034
image: DSC03035
grave: 313132
George Francis Moore
image number DSC03035
image: DSC03036
grave: 313133
John Benstead
image number DSC03036
image: DSC03039
grave: 313134
John Howell
image number DSC03039
image: DSC03041
grave: 313135
Martha Howell
image number DSC03041
image: DSC03042
grave: 313136
Charles Walter Riches
image number DSC03042
image: DSC03044
grave: 313137
Minnie Bates
image number DSC03044
image: DSC03045
grave: 313138
Sidney Oswald Armiger
image number DSC03045
image: DSC03047
grave: 313139
John Rout
image number DSC03047

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