Walter Frederick Barker grave monument in St Margaret , Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Walter Frederick Barker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Walter Frederick Barker
March 21 171November 2first name on monument
Sarah Barker
July 17 1981October 23wife of Walter Frederick Barker
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image: DSC02931
grave: 313091
James Oxer
image number DSC02931
image: DSC02932
grave: 313092
Peter Anthony John Dell
image number DSC02932
image: DSC02933
grave: 313093
Reuben John Nudds
image number DSC02933
image: DSC02937
grave: 313094
George Francis Hudson
image number DSC02937
image: DSC02938
grave: 313095
Thomas Dawson Chapman
image number DSC02938
image: DSC02939
grave: 313096
John Robert Lack
image number DSC02939
image: DSC02941
grave: 313097
Susanna A Goodman
image number DSC02941
image: DSC02942
grave: 313098
Emily Wilkinson
image number DSC02942
image: DSC02946
grave: 313099
John Robert Ernest Beaver
image number DSC02946
image: DSC02949
grave: 313100
Gilbert White
image number DSC02949
image: DSC02959
grave: 313101
Walter Frederick Barker
image number DSC02959
image: DSC02960
grave: 313102
Anna Mabel Norman
image number DSC02960
image: DSC02962
grave: 313103
Frederick Satchell
image number DSC02962
image: DSC02964
grave: 313104
Harry Augustine Smith
image number DSC02964
image: DSC02968
grave: 313105
Eva Alice Bower
image number DSC02968
image: DSC02969
grave: 313106
Robert Bower
image number DSC02969
image: DSC02974
grave: 313107
Annie Williamson
image number DSC02974
image: DSC02979
grave: 313108
George William Hudson
image number DSC02979
image: DSC02984
grave: 313109
Ina Barrett
image number DSC02984
image: DSC02985
grave: 313110
John William Large
image number DSC02985
image: DSC02987
grave: 313111
Mary E Howell
image number DSC02987

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