Margaret Arter grave monument in St Margaret , Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Margaret Arter grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Margaret Arter
July 30 19631867first name on monumentage 63/68?
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Margaret Arter grave location

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image: DSC02803
grave: 313018
Charles Thomas William Howell
image number DSC02803
image: DSC02804
grave: 313019
Bertha Watling
image number DSC02804
image: DSC02807
grave: 313020
Robert Howell
image number DSC02807
image: DSC02808
grave: 313021
Patricia Violet Humphries
image number DSC02808
image: DSC02809
grave: 313022
Elwin Robert Claxton
image number DSC02809
image: DSC02811
grave: 313023
Edward Nelson Hendry
image number DSC02811
image: DSC02812
grave: 313024
Reginald Arthur Utting
image number DSC02812
image: DSC02813
grave: 313025
Dora Clarke
image number DSC02813
image: DSC02814
grave: 313026
Kirsten Anita Havers
image number DSC02814
image: DSC02815
grave: 313027
George Robert Loose
image number DSC02815
image: DSC02817
grave: 313028
Margaret Arter
image number DSC02817
image: DSC02818
grave: 313029
Joseph Scoles
image number DSC02818
image: DSC02821
grave: 313030
Henry George Claxton
image number DSC02821
image: DSC02822
grave: 313031
George Albert Woodhouse
image number DSC02822
image: DSC02824
grave: 313032
Florence Irene Henton
image number DSC02824
image: DSC02826
grave: 313033
Ralph Clarkson
image number DSC02826
image: DSC02827
grave: 313034
Margaret Sarah Amelia Gobbett
image number DSC02827
image: DSC02828
grave: 313035
Alfred Jabez Moorhouse
image number DSC02828
image: DSC02829
grave: 313036
George Edward Chapman
image number DSC02829
image: DSC02831
grave: 313037
Norman Harry May
image number DSC02831
image: DSC02833
grave: 313038
William Norman May
image number DSC02833

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