Sidney Charles Andrews grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Sidney Charles Andrews grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sidney Charles Andrews
February 7731913
Marjorie Emily Andrews
January 15781916wife of Sidney Charles Andrews
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Sidney Charles Andrews grave location

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image: DSC02777
grave: 313000
Robert John Parsons
image number DSC02777
image: DSC02778
grave: 313001
Walter Groom
image number DSC02778
image: DSC02779
grave: 313002
Percy V Large
image number DSC02779
image: DSC02781
grave: 313003
William Cyril Rout
image number DSC02781
image: DSC02782
grave: 313004
Thirza May Claxton
image number DSC02782
image: DSC02784
grave: 313005
Cecil Taylor
image number DSC02784
image: DSC02785
grave: 313006
Frederick George Parr
image number DSC02785
image: DSC02787
grave: 313007
Francis Bee
image number DSC02787
image: DSC02790
grave: 313008
Ernest Edward Lack
image number DSC02790
image: DSC02791
grave: 313009
Francis James David S Holland
image number DSC02791
image: DSC02793
grave: 313010
Sidney Charles Andrews
image number DSC02793
image: DSC02794
grave: 313011
Kenneth John Andrews
image number DSC02794
image: DSC02795
grave: 313012
George Francis Moorhouse
image number DSC02795
image: DSC02796
grave: 313013
Ellen Austin
image number DSC02796
image: DSC02797
grave: 313014
Marjorie Ada Clarke
image number DSC02797
image: DSC02799
grave: 313015
Ernest Henry Hammond
image number DSC02799
image: DSC02800
grave: 313016
Irving Holdich High
image number DSC02800
image: DSC02802
grave: 313017
Brian Victor Clayton
image number DSC02802
image: DSC02803
grave: 313018
Charles Thomas William Howell
image number DSC02803
image: DSC02804
grave: 313019
Bertha Watling
image number DSC02804
image: DSC02807
grave: 313020
Robert Howell
image number DSC02807

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