Michael Robert Havers grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Michael Robert Havers grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Michael Robert Havers
November 2551943
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Michael Robert Havers grave location

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image: DSC02553
grave: 312951
John Firth
image number DSC02553
image: DSC02554
grave: 312952
Frederick James Brewster
image number DSC02554
image: DSC02563
grave: 312953
Robert Herbert Havers
image number DSC02563
image: DSC02602
grave: 312954
John Raker
image number DSC02602
image: DSC02603
grave: 312955
Benjamin Walter Habberton
image number DSC02603
image: DSC02604
grave: 312956
Margaret Dove
image number DSC02604
image: DSC02605
grave: 312957
Arthur Ernest Downer
image number DSC02605
image: DSC02613
grave: 312958
Robert Foster Milton Hay
image number DSC02613
image: DSC02614
grave: 312959
Mark Nicholas Taunton
image number DSC02614
image: DSC02633
grave: 312960
Justin Michael Edward Havers
image number DSC02633
image: DSC02634
grave: 312961
Michael Robert Havers
image number DSC02634
image: DSC02636
grave: 312962
Nancy Edwards
image number DSC02636
image: DSC02637
grave: 312963
Desmond Plunkett Dunphy
image number DSC02637
image: DSC02638
grave: 312964
Sheila Copsey
image number DSC02638
image: DSC02639
grave: 312965
Arthur Banks
image number DSC02639
image: DSC02640
grave: 312966
Donald Carter Coates
image number DSC02640
image: DSC02641
grave: 312967
Lilian Schofield
image number DSC02641
image: DSC02642
grave: 312968
Violet M Walpole
image number DSC02642
image: DSC02643
grave: 312969
David Gladstone Roy
image number DSC02643
image: DSC02644
grave: 312970
Ivy Margaret Proctor
image number DSC02644
image: DSC02645
grave: 312971
Russell Thomas Howes
image number DSC02645

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