Reginald George Batterby grave monument in St Margaret , Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Reginald George Batterby grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Reginald George Batterby
December 2611903first name on monument
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Reginald George Batterby grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 312879)

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image: DSC02454
grave: 312869
Sarah Rout
image number DSC02454
image: DSC02455
grave: 312870
Herbert James
image number DSC02455
image: DSC02456
grave: 312871
Tessie May Batterby
image number DSC02456
image: DSC02457
grave: 312872
Beryl Barber
image number DSC02457
image: DSC02458
grave: 312873
Margaret Barber
image number DSC02458
image: DSC02459
grave: 312874
Ernest James Woodhouse
image number DSC02459
image: DSC02460
grave: 312875
George Robert Harvey
image number DSC02460
image: DSC02461
grave: 312876
Arthur Robert Parr
image number DSC02461
image: DSC02462
grave: 312877
Arthur Steel
image number DSC02462
image: DSC02464
grave: 312878
William Foster
image number DSC02464
image: DSC02465
grave: 312879
Reginald George Batterby
image number DSC02465
image: DSC02466
grave: 312880
Wilfred Ives
image number DSC02466
image: DSC02467
grave: 312881
O E Doughty
image number DSC02467
image: DSC02476
grave: 312882
George Porter
image number DSC02476
image: DSC02478
grave: 312883
Florence Ethel Hood
image number DSC02478
image: DSC02479
grave: 312884
Rosamund Gertrude Franklin
image number DSC02479
image: DSC02480
grave: 312885
Edward Bee
image number DSC02480
image: DSC02481
grave: 312886
Edward H Parsons
image number DSC02481
image: DSC02482
grave: 312887
Philip Roy
image number DSC02482
image: DSC02483
grave: 312888
Louise Jane Fenn
image number DSC02483
image: DSC02485
grave: 312889
Charles John Doy
image number DSC02485

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