Sidney Wilfred Robert Emmerson grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Sidney Wilfred Robert Emmerson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sidney Wilfred Robert Emmerson
November 263February 1
Emily Myrtle Emmerson
May 17 198901899wife of Sidney Wilfred Robert Emmerson
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image: DSC02411
grave: 312843
James Anthony
image number DSC02411
image: DSC02412
grave: 312844
John Pearce
image number DSC02412
image: DSC02413
grave: 312845
Elizabeth M Kittle
image number DSC02413
image: DSC02414
grave: 312846
Thomas Henry Hillen
image number DSC02414
image: DSC02415
grave: 312847
Ethel May Drewery
image number DSC02415
image: DSC02416
grave: 312848
Violet May Barnes
image number DSC02416
image: DSC02418
grave: 312849
Florence Maud Snell
image number DSC02418
image: DSC02421
grave: 312850
Florence Mildred Winifred Snell
image number DSC02421
image: DSC02422
grave: 312851
Edith Louise Collins
image number DSC02422
image: DSC2428
grave: 312852
Lucy May Howell
image number DSC2428
image: DSC02429
grave: 312853
Sidney Wilfred Robert Emmerson
image number DSC02429
image: DSC02431
grave: 312854
Kate Bailey
image number DSC02431
image: DSC02436
grave: 312855
Emily Ethel Hewitt
image number DSC02436
image: DSC02437
grave: 312856
Alexander Redcliffe
image number DSC02437
image: DSC02439
grave: 312857
Conrad Lake
image number DSC02439
image: DSC02440
grave: 312858
Brenda Joyce Eglen
image number DSC02440
image: DSC02441
grave: 312859
Reginald Walter Groom
image number DSC02441
image: DSC02444
grave: 312860
Cyril Baden Burton
image number DSC02444
image: DSC02445
grave: 312861
Geoffrey Malcolm Parr
image number DSC02445
image: DSC02447
grave: 312862
George Ernest Armiger
image number DSC02447
image: DSC02448
grave: 312863
George Hill
image number DSC02448

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