James Anthony grave monument in St Margaret , Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

James Anthony grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Anthony
November 2 first name on monument
Lily Anthony
September relationship not given of James Anthony
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find James Anthony grave location

(60 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 312843)

The following thumbnail images are the 60 taken before and 60 after the one for James Anthony was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for James Anthony below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the James Anthony grave.

image: DSC02300
grave: 312783
Agnes Rout
image number DSC02300
image: DSC02301
grave: 312784
Edith A Crowe
image number DSC02301
image: DSC02302
grave: 312785
William Batterby
image number DSC02302
image: DSC02303
grave: 312786
George Futter
image number DSC02303
image: DSC02304
grave: 312787
Wilson Forster
image number DSC02304
image: DSC02306
grave: 312788
John A Hewitt
image number DSC02306
image: DSC02308
grave: 312789
Elizabeth Parsons
image number DSC02308
image: DSC02310
grave: 312790
William James
image number DSC02310
image: DSC02313
grave: 312791
Martha Annette Scholey
image number DSC02313
image: DSC02314
grave: 312792
John William Bird
image number DSC02314
image: DSC02315
grave: 312793
Sydney Melville
image number DSC02315
image: DSC02316
grave: 312794
Ephraim Claxton
image number DSC02316
image: DSC02319
grave: 312795
Wallis Swan Humfrey
image number DSC02319
image: DSC02325
grave: 312796
Seth Kirk
image number DSC02325
image: DSC02327
grave: 312797
Charles Meredith Gibbons
image number DSC02327
image: DSC02326
grave: 312798
Olga Kathleen Raven
image number DSC02326
image: DSC02328
grave: 312799
Charles Pointer
image number DSC02328
image: DSC12329
grave: 312800
George Farthing
image number DSC12329
image: DSC02230
grave: 312801
Annie Steel
image number DSC02230
image: DSC02231
grave: 312802
Mary Jane Hooks
image number DSC02231
image: DSC02332
grave: 312803
William Suggate Beverely
image number DSC02332
image: DSC02333
grave: 312804
Ann Skeet
image number DSC02333
image: DSC02335
grave: 312805
Dorothy Kaye
image number DSC02335
image: DSC02336
grave: 312806
John Henry Baldwin
image number DSC02336
image: DSC02337
grave: 312807
Robert William Bush
image number DSC02337
image: DSC02339
grave: 312808
James Pritchard
image number DSC02339
image: DSC02340
grave: 312809
Harry Humphrey
image number DSC02340
image: DSC02341
grave: 312810
John Thomas Inkson
image number DSC02341
image: DSC02343
grave: 312811
William Winearls
image number DSC02343
image: DSC02345
grave: 312812
Ellen Brown
image number DSC02345
image: DSC02352
grave: 312813
Arthur Brown
image number DSC02352
image: DSC02353
grave: 312814
William Bird
image number DSC02353
image: DSC02354
grave: 312815
Margaret Lown
image number DSC02354
image: DSC02355
grave: 312816
Martha Lyth
image number DSC02355
image: DSC02357
grave: 312817
Pleasance Jane Beverley
image number DSC02357
image: DCS02358
grave: 312818
Mary Ellen Hendry
image number DCS02358
image: DSC02359
grave: 312819
Elizabeth Proudfoot
image number DSC02359
image: DSC02361
grave: 312820
Hannah Moodie
image number DSC02361
image: DSC02363
grave: 312821
Louisa Mary Moodie
image number DSC02363
image: DSC02366
grave: 312822
Robert Clarke
image number DSC02366
image: DSC02368
grave: 312823
Fredeick James
image number DSC02368
image: DSC02370
grave: 312824
Walter Sillis
image number DSC02370
image: DSC02375
grave: 312825
William Paget
image number DSC02375
image: DCS02376
grave: 312826
Honor Dix Hall
image number DCS02376
image: DSC02381
grave: 312827
Margery Steel
image number DSC02381
image: DSC02383
grave: 312828
Stanley Sillis
image number DSC02383
image: DSC02383
grave: 312829
Mildred Newby
image number DSC02383
image: DSC02385
grave: 312830
Harriet Read
image number DSC02385
image: DSC02386
grave: 312831
Elizabeth Billing
image number DSC02386
image: DSC02388
grave: 312832
William George Brewer
image number DSC02388
image: DSC02390
grave: 312833
Margaret Newell
image number DSC02390
image: DSC02392
grave: 312834
Olive May Snell
image number DSC02392
image: DSC02394
grave: 312835
Caroline Ann Snell
image number DSC02394
image: DSC02395
grave: 312836
George Oscar Snell
image number DSC02395
image: DSC02396
grave: 312837
Anna Amelia Divers
image number DSC02396
image: DSC02397
grave: 312838
Albert Charles Warne
image number DSC02397
image: DSC02402
grave: 312839
Edith Augusta Moorhouse
image number DSC02402
image: DSC02403
grave: 312840
Dorothy Ada Keeble
image number DSC02403
image: DSC02404
grave: 312841
Edward James Woodhouse
image number DSC02404
image: DSC02409
grave: 312842
Robert Jack Hazel
image number DSC02409
image: DSC02411
grave: 312843
James Anthony
image number DSC02411
image: DSC02412
grave: 312844
John Pearce
image number DSC02412
image: DSC02413
grave: 312845
Elizabeth M Kittle
image number DSC02413
image: DSC02414
grave: 312846
Thomas Henry Hillen
image number DSC02414
image: DSC02415
grave: 312847
Ethel May Drewery
image number DSC02415
image: DSC02416
grave: 312848
Violet May Barnes
image number DSC02416
image: DSC02418
grave: 312849
Florence Maud Snell
image number DSC02418
image: DSC02421
grave: 312850
Florence Mildred Winifred Snell
image number DSC02421
image: DSC02422
grave: 312851
Edith Louise Collins
image number DSC02422
image: DSC2428
grave: 312852
Lucy May Howell
image number DSC2428
image: DSC02429
grave: 312853
Sidney Wilfred Robert Emmerson
image number DSC02429
image: DSC02431
grave: 312854
Kate Bailey
image number DSC02431
image: DSC02436
grave: 312855
Emily Ethel Hewitt
image number DSC02436
image: DSC02437
grave: 312856
Alexander Redcliffe
image number DSC02437
image: DSC02439
grave: 312857
Conrad Lake
image number DSC02439
image: DSC02440
grave: 312858
Brenda Joyce Eglen
image number DSC02440
image: DSC02441
grave: 312859
Reginald Walter Groom
image number DSC02441
image: DSC02444
grave: 312860
Cyril Baden Burton
image number DSC02444
image: DSC02445
grave: 312861
Geoffrey Malcolm Parr
image number DSC02445
image: DSC02447
grave: 312862
George Ernest Armiger
image number DSC02447
image: DSC02448
grave: 312863
George Hill
image number DSC02448
image: DSC02449
grave: 312864
Kate Constance Heugh
image number DSC02449
image: DSC02450
grave: 312865
Mary Jane Futter
image number DSC02450
image: DSC02451
grave: 312866
Arthur William Futter
image number DSC02451
image: DSC02452
grave: 312867
Wilfred Charles Austin
image number DSC02452
image: DSC02453
grave: 312868
Walter Hickmott
image number DSC02453
image: DSC02454
grave: 312869
Sarah Rout
image number DSC02454
image: DSC02455
grave: 312870
Herbert James
image number DSC02455
image: DSC02456
grave: 312871
Tessie May Batterby
image number DSC02456
image: DSC02457
grave: 312872
Beryl Barber
image number DSC02457
image: DSC02458
grave: 312873
Margaret Barber
image number DSC02458
image: DSC02459
grave: 312874
Ernest James Woodhouse
image number DSC02459
image: DSC02460
grave: 312875
George Robert Harvey
image number DSC02460
image: DSC02461
grave: 312876
Arthur Robert Parr
image number DSC02461
image: DSC02462
grave: 312877
Arthur Steel
image number DSC02462
image: DSC02464
grave: 312878
William Foster
image number DSC02464
image: DSC02465
grave: 312879
Reginald George Batterby
image number DSC02465
image: DSC02466
grave: 312880
Wilfred Ives
image number DSC02466
image: DSC02467
grave: 312881
O E Doughty
image number DSC02467
image: DSC02476
grave: 312882
George Porter
image number DSC02476
image: DSC02478
grave: 312883
Florence Ethel Hood
image number DSC02478
image: DSC02479
grave: 312884
Rosamund Gertrude Franklin
image number DSC02479
image: DSC02480
grave: 312885
Edward Bee
image number DSC02480
image: DSC02481
grave: 312886
Edward H Parsons
image number DSC02481
image: DSC02482
grave: 312887
Philip Roy
image number DSC02482
image: DSC02483
grave: 312888
Louise Jane Fenn
image number DSC02483
image: DSC02485
grave: 312889
Charles John Doy
image number DSC02485
image: DSC02486
grave: 312890
Helen Elizabeth Fenn
image number DSC02486
image: DSC02487
grave: 312891
Sarah Anne Twyman
image number DSC02487
image: DSC02488
grave: 312892
Albert Noel Paget
image number DSC02488
image: DSC02489
grave: 312893
Ruth Claxton
image number DSC02489
image: DSC02490
grave: 312894
William John Langley
image number DSC02490
image: DSC02491
grave: 312895
Albert Edward Francis
image number DSC02491
image: DSC02492
grave: 312896
Denise Pamela White
image number DSC02492
image: DSC02493
grave: 312897
Florence Esther Claxton
image number DSC02493
image: DSC02494
grave: 312898
Edward Basil Matthews
image number DSC02494
image: DSC02495
grave: 312899
John Geraghty
image number DSC02495
image: DSC02496
grave: 312900
Ethel Madge Burton
image number DSC02496
image: DSC02497
grave: 312901
Ernest Burton
image number DSC02497
image: DSC02498
grave: 312902
Alexander John Burton
image number DSC02498
image: DSC02499
grave: 312903
William Edwin Harvey
image number DSC02499

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