John Henry Baldwin grave monument in St Margaret , Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

John Henry Baldwin grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Henry Baldwin
May 12 19894May 22 189first name on monument
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Henry Baldwin grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 312806)

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image: DSC02325
grave: 312796
Seth Kirk
image number DSC02325
image: DSC02327
grave: 312797
Charles Meredith Gibbons
image number DSC02327
image: DSC02326
grave: 312798
Olga Kathleen Raven
image number DSC02326
image: DSC02328
grave: 312799
Charles Pointer
image number DSC02328
image: DSC12329
grave: 312800
George Farthing
image number DSC12329
image: DSC02230
grave: 312801
Annie Steel
image number DSC02230
image: DSC02231
grave: 312802
Mary Jane Hooks
image number DSC02231
image: DSC02332
grave: 312803
William Suggate Beverely
image number DSC02332
image: DSC02333
grave: 312804
Ann Skeet
image number DSC02333
image: DSC02335
grave: 312805
Dorothy Kaye
image number DSC02335
image: DSC02336
grave: 312806
John Henry Baldwin
image number DSC02336
image: DSC02337
grave: 312807
Robert William Bush
image number DSC02337
image: DSC02339
grave: 312808
James Pritchard
image number DSC02339
image: DSC02340
grave: 312809
Harry Humphrey
image number DSC02340
image: DSC02341
grave: 312810
John Thomas Inkson
image number DSC02341
image: DSC02343
grave: 312811
William Winearls
image number DSC02343
image: DSC02345
grave: 312812
Ellen Brown
image number DSC02345
image: DSC02352
grave: 312813
Arthur Brown
image number DSC02352
image: DSC02353
grave: 312814
William Bird
image number DSC02353
image: DSC02354
grave: 312815
Margaret Lown
image number DSC02354
image: DSC02355
grave: 312816
Martha Lyth
image number DSC02355

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