A R Batterbee grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

A R Batterbee grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
A R Batterbee
December 128191412th Norfolk Btn; Home Guard
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find A R Batterbee grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 312713)

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image: DSC02140
grave: 312703
Helena Miller
image number DSC02140
image: DSC02142
grave: 312704
Ann Dyer Essler
image number DSC02142
image: DSC02144
grave: 312705
Sarah Jane Habberton
image number DSC02144
image: DSC02146
grave: 312706
Armine Sidney Habberton
image number DSC02146
image: DSC02148
grave: 312707
Martha Taylor
image number DSC02148
image: DSC02153
grave: 312708
Arthur Lewis Drew
image number DSC02153
image: DSC02155
grave: 312709
Daisy M Groves
image number DSC02155
image: DSC02159
grave: 312710
Henry Charles Miller
image number DSC02159
image: DSC02162
grave: 312711
Arthur Pightling
image number DSC02162
image: DSC02165
grave: 312712
John Doughty
image number DSC02165
image: DSC02166
grave: 312713
A R Batterbee
image number DSC02166
image: DSC02167
grave: 312714
John Ives
image number DSC02167
image: DSC02171
grave: 312715
Beatrice Demarus Havers
image number DSC02171
image: DSC02172
grave: 312716
Walter Snell
image number DSC02172
image: DSC02175
grave: 312717
Eona May Francis
image number DSC02175
image: DSC02181
grave: 312718
Howard Wilmont
image number DSC02181
image: DSC02184
grave: 312719
George Barker
image number DSC02184
image: DSC02185
grave: 312720
Edward Tice
image number DSC02185
image: DSC02187
grave: 312721
Charles Henry Howell
image number DSC02187
image: DSC02188
grave: 312722
Beatrice Andrews
image number DSC02188
image: DSC02194
grave: 312723
Alice Grace Playford
image number DSC02194

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