H Atkins grave monument in St Margaret , Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

H Atkins grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
H Atkins
March 29 1331912first name on monument2198695 Corporal; Royal Engineers
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find H Atkins grave location

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image: DSC01910
grave: 312570
Cornelius Rix
image number DSC01910
image: DSC01912
grave: 312571
Hannah Mary Hancock
image number DSC01912
image: DSC01913
grave: 312572
Bridget Frances Dean
image number DSC01913
image: DSC01918
grave: 312573
William Sully Unwin
image number DSC01918
image: DSC01919
grave: 312574
Jean Greig Annan
image number DSC01919
image: DSC01920
grave: 312575
Alfred Hooper
image number DSC01920
image: DSC01922
grave: 312576
William Henry Tabberer
image number DSC01922
image: DSC01924
grave: 312577
Arthur Read
image number DSC01924
image: DSC01925
grave: 312578
Sidney Everitt
image number DSC01925
image: DSC01926
grave: 312579
Alfred Horsfall Howson
image number DSC01926
image: DSC01930
grave: 312580
H Atkins
image number DSC01930
image: DSC01931
grave: 312581
Eric Compton Mcfarlane May
image number DSC01931
image: DSC01933
grave: 312582
Elizabeth Gidney
image number DSC01933
image: DSC01936
grave: 312583
William Barnes
image number DSC01936
image: DSC01937
grave: 312584
William Barnes
image number DSC01937
image: DSC01938
grave: 312585
Harriet Anne Barnes
image number DSC01938
image: DSC01942
grave: 312586
Mary A Bell
image number DSC01942
image: DSC01945
grave: 312587
James Rutton
image number DSC01945
image: DSC01946
grave: 312588
William Goulder
image number DSC01946
image: DSC01947
grave: 312589
Ivy Lilian Tetley
image number DSC01947
image: DSC01948
grave: 312590
Margaret Rose Keeley
image number DSC01948

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