Anne Allen grave monument in St Margaret , Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Anne Allen grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Anne Allen
October 27821794first name on monumentof Hepworth; Suffolk
William Allen
husband of Anne Allen
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Anne Allen grave location

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image: DSC01831
grave: 312536
William Coulder
image number DSC01831
image: DSC01833
grave: 312537
William Johnson
image number DSC01833
image: DSC01834
grave: 312538
Henry Johnson
image number DSC01834
image: DSC01836
grave: 312539
Mary Rawson
image number DSC01836
image: DSC01837
grave: 312540
John Nettleton
image number DSC01837
image: DSC01842
grave: 312541
Peter Astley Cooper
image number DSC01842
image: DSC01843
grave: 312542
Robert Lane
image number DSC01843
image: DSC01854
grave: 312543
Susanna Thurtle
image number DSC01854
image: DSC01851
grave: 312544
Georgie Wiseman
image number DSC01851
image: DSC01865
grave: 312545
William Banks
image number DSC01865
image: DSC01866
grave: 312546
Anne Allen
image number DSC01866
image: DSC01867
grave: 312547
Martha Allen
image number DSC01867
image: DSC01868
grave: 312548
Harriet Wiseman
image number DSC01868
image: DSC01871
grave: 312549
Edward Cubitt Francis
image number DSC01871
image: DSC01873
grave: 312550
Mary Ann Johnson
image number DSC01873
image: DSC01876
grave: 312551
William Bates
image number DSC01876
image: DSC01877
grave: 312552
James Henry Pike
image number DSC01877
image: DSC01879
grave: 312553
George Philip Francis
image number DSC01879
image: DSC01881
grave: 312554
Harriet Katherine Francis
image number DSC01881
image: DSC01883
grave: 312555
Ella Rosa Francis
image number DSC01883
image: DSC01885
grave: 312556
Harriet Rosa Francis
image number DSC01885

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