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Sophia Lutvey grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Gayndah, Queensland, Australia

Sophia Lutvey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sophia Lutvey
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Sophia Lutvey grave location

(30 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 308009)

The following thumbnail images are the 30 taken before and 30 after the one for Sophia Lutvey was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Sophia Lutvey below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Sophia Lutvey grave.

image: gndh0106
grave: 307979
Henry Clement Stuart Gordon
image number gndh0106
image: gndh0107
grave: 307980
Stewart Harrison
image number gndh0107
image: gndh0108
grave: 307981
John Andrew Corry
image number gndh0108
image: gndh0109
grave: 307982
Glenice Mary Nielsen
image number gndh0109
image: gndh0110
grave: 307983
Vincent Tomlin
image number gndh0110
image: gndh0111
grave: 307984
Peter John Tomlin
image number gndh0111
image: gndh0112
grave: 307985
Peter John Bryant
image number gndh0112
image: gndh0113
grave: 307986
Phillip Andrew Haack
image number gndh0113
image: gndh0114
grave: 307987
Susan Jane McIntyre
image number gndh0114
image: gndh0115
grave: 307988
Father McKiernan
image number gndh0115
image: gndh0116
grave: 307989
Catherine Elizabeth Lowry
image number gndh0116
image: gndh0117
grave: 307990
Mary Magdalen Burns
image number gndh0117
image: gndh0118
grave: 307991
Elizabeth Kathleen Tincknell
image number gndh0118
image: gndh0119
grave: 307992
John William Jnr Trott
image number gndh0119
image: gndh0120
grave: 307993
John F Mason
image number gndh0120
image: gndh0121
grave: 307994
Alice E Trott
image number gndh0121
image: gndh0122
grave: 307995
Michael Martin
image number gndh0122
image: gndh0123
grave: 307996
Sophia Schmidt
image number gndh0123
image: gndh0124
grave: 307997
Virgie Crowe
image number gndh0124
image: gndh0125
grave: 307998
James Chay
image number gndh0125
image: gndh0126
grave: 307999
Michael John Casey
image number gndh0126
image: gndh0127
grave: 308000
Thomas Fleming
image number gndh0127
image: gndh0128
grave: 308001
Amelia Isabella Burke
image number gndh0128
image: gndh0129
grave: 308002
Christian Rock
image number gndh0129
image: gndh0130
grave: 308003
Sophia Ella Jones
image number gndh0130
image: gndh0131
grave: 308004
Frank Paul Rock
image number gndh0131
image: gndh0132
grave: 308005
Hubert Eaton Gordon
image number gndh0132
image: gndh0133
grave: 308006
William Dwyer
image number gndh0133
image: gndh0134
grave: 308007
Maud Wragge
image number gndh0134
image: gndh0135
grave: 308008
Gilbert Eliott
image number gndh0135
image: gndh0136
grave: 308009
Sophia Lutvey
image number gndh0136
image: gndh0137
grave: 308010
Delia Clifford
image number gndh0137
image: gndh0138
grave: 308011
Leavinia Wall
image number gndh0138
image: gndh0139
grave: 308012
Arthur Owen Tomlin
image number gndh0139
image: gndh0140
grave: 308013
James Marr Killin
image number gndh0140
image: gndh0141
grave: 308014
Ferris Jermanus
image number gndh0141
image: gndh0142
grave: 308015
Patrick Joseph Coogan
image number gndh0142
image: gndh0143
grave: 308016
Alice Scanlan
image number gndh0143
image: gndh0144
grave: 308017
Joseph Canning
image number gndh0144
image: gndh0145
grave: 308018
Minnie Lutvey
image number gndh0145
image: gndh0146
grave: 308019
Frederick John Evans
image number gndh0146
image: gndh0147
grave: 308020
Henry N Seidner
image number gndh0147
image: gndh0148
grave: 308021
Patrick T Roach
image number gndh0148
image: gndh0149
grave: 308022
Dorothy Alexa Boyd
image number gndh0149
image: gndh0150
grave: 308023
Sarah Anne Ehrenberg
image number gndh0150
image: gndh0151
grave: 308024
Frederick Albert Stevens Reid
image number gndh0151
image: gndh0152
grave: 308025
John Patrick Morgan
image number gndh0152
image: gndh0153
grave: 308026
Elliot W D Hannay
image number gndh0153
image: gndh0154
grave: 308027
Minnie O'meara
image number gndh0154
image: gndh0155
grave: 308028
Louisa Slack
image number gndh0155
image: gndh0156
grave: 308029
Carl Frederick Sauer
image number gndh0156
image: gndh0157
grave: 308030
Katie Louisa Lang
image number gndh0157
image: gndh0158
grave: 308031
Norman Charles Heitmann
image number gndh0158
image: gndh0159
grave: 308032
Phillip G Taylor
image number gndh0159
image: gndh0160
grave: 308033
Cyril Henry Harvey Jerrard
image number gndh0160
image: gndh0161
grave: 308034
John Mavromatis
image number gndh0161
image: gndh0162
grave: 308035
Thomas Kelly
image number gndh0162
image: gndh0163
grave: 308036
Henry Ottermiller
image number gndh0163
image: gndh0164
grave: 308037
Anna Elizabeth Sutherland
image number gndh0164
image: gndh0165
grave: 308038
Ida Dorothy Lang
image number gndh0165
image: gndh0166
grave: 308039
James Edward Razzell
image number gndh0166

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