Frank Annison grave monument in Market Lane cemetery, Wells, Norfolk, England

Frank Annison grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Frank Annison
Amelia Annison
1965831882wife of Frank Annison
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image: 727
grave: 276494
Kate Mary Mann
image number 727
image: 727
grave: 276495
Charles Edward Mann
image number 727
image: 729
grave: 276496
Gwendoline Turner
image number 729
image: 730
grave: 276497
Mary Kathleen Mackay
image number 730
image: 731
grave: 276498
Maria Matthews
image number 731
image: 731
grave: 276499
William Matthews
image number 731
image: 733
grave: 276500
Marjorie Coombe
image number 733
image: 734
grave: 276501
Mary Alice Zoe Coombe
image number 734
image: 735
grave: 276502
Beryl Winifred Baker
image number 735
image: 736
grave: 276503
Thirza Earl Coe
image number 736
image: 737
grave: 276504
Frank Annison
image number 737
image: 738
grave: 276505
Thomas William Hayhow
image number 738
image: 739
grave: 276506
image number 739
image: 740
grave: 276507
Mildred Bessie Warren
image number 740
image: 741
grave: 276508
William Charles Dickinson
image number 741
image: 742
grave: 276509
Kate Bahson Buck
image number 742
image: 743
grave: 276510
Celia Anna Howard
image number 743
image: 744
grave: 276511
Mary Sutthery Calthorp
image number 744
image: 745
grave: 276512
Stuart Cyril Scott
image number 745
image: 747
grave: 276513
Cyril Everitt
image number 747
image: 748
grave: 276514
Raymond Theophilius Money
image number 748

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