Jack Ansell grave monument in Market Lane , Wells, Norfolk, England

Jack Ansell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jack Ansell
1968531915first name on monument
Winnie Ansell
1999761923wife of Jack Ansell
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image: 549
grave: 276316
Albert Edward Walden
image number 549
image: 550
grave: 276317
Benjamin Ralph Howell
image number 550
image: 551
grave: 276318
Raymond J Williamson
image number 551
image: 552
grave: 276319
Dennis George Hewitt
image number 552
image: 553
grave: 276320
Eunice Hoddy
image number 553
image: 554
grave: 276321
May Lillian Morris
image number 554
image: 555
grave: 276322
Barry Smith
image number 555
image: 556
grave: 276323
John P Wheaton
image number 556
image: 557
grave: 276324
William Fox
image number 557
image: 558
grave: 276325
Howard Abel
image number 558
image: 559
grave: 276326
Jack Ansell
image number 559
image: 560
grave: 276327
Arthur Tarleton MacMillan
image number 560
image: 561
grave: 276328
Albert Edward Frary
image number 561
image: 562
grave: 276329
Ben Bolton
image number 562
image: 563
grave: 276330
Edward Henry Neale
image number 563
image: 564
grave: 276331
Stanley Tuck
image number 564
image: 565
grave: 276332
Beryl D M Dawson
image number 565
image: 566
grave: 276333
Ernest George Pincher
image number 566
image: 567
grave: 276334
Diana Victoria Massingham
image number 567
image: 568
grave: 276335
Edmund Robert Bayfield
image number 568
image: 569
grave: 276336
Thomas William Sizeland
image number 569

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