William Thomas Neale grave monument in Market Lane cemetery, Wells, Norfolk, England

William Thomas Neale grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Thomas Neale
Ida Elizabeth Neale
1995921903wife of William Thomas Neale
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image: 337
grave: 276105
Douglas Jagger
image number 337
image: 338
grave: 276106
Percy James Rumbles
image number 338
image: 339
grave: 276107
Catherine Stewart
image number 339
image: 340
grave: 276108
Robert Lancelot Jordan
image number 340
image: 341
grave: 276109
Edith Emma Beck
image number 341
image: 342
grave: 276110
Robert Henry Benstead
image number 342
image: 343
grave: 276111
Jim Beaver
image number 343
image: 344
grave: 276112
Albert Edward Smith
image number 344
image: 345
grave: 276113
Arthur James Ellender
image number 345
image: 346
grave: 276114
Thomas Charles Eade
image number 346
image: 347
grave: 276115
William Thomas Neale
image number 347
image: 348
grave: 276116
Geoffrey William Doy
image number 348
image: 349
grave: 276117
George Matthew Rowe
image number 349
image: 350
grave: 276118
Florence Maud Goldspink-Burgess
image number 350
image: 351
grave: 276119
Henry John Howell
image number 351
image: 352
grave: 276120
Phillip John Beck
image number 352
image: 353
grave: 276121
Walter E Raisbury
image number 353
image: 354
grave: 276122
H J Powell
image number 354
image: 355
grave: 276123
Charles Cox
image number 355
image: 356
grave: 276124
Gerald Alfred Anthony
image number 356
image: 357
grave: 276125
Dora Able
image number 357

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