Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 248109Details of grave number 248109 at Our Lady St Mary (pt 2) South Creake for Margaret Wasey

Margaret Wasey grave monument in Our Lady St Mary (pt 2) burial ground, South Creake, Norfolk, England

Margaret Wasey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Margaret Wasey
Isaac Wasey
husband of Margaret Wasey

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Margaret Wasey grave location

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image: 97
grave: 248099
Arthur Edward Barnes
image number 97
image: 98
grave: 248100
May Evelyn Taylor
image number 98
image: 99
grave: 248101
Ronald Edward Guymer
image number 99
image: 102
grave: 248102
John Gibbon
image number 102
image: 103
grave: 248103
Thomas Lombe Graver
image number 103
image: 104
grave: 248104
John Oliver
image number 104
image: 105
grave: 248105
Elizabeth Neal
image number 105
image: 106
grave: 248106
Elizabeth Smith
image number 106
image: 107
grave: 248107
Robert Eggleton
image number 107
image: 108
grave: 248108
Edward Spooner
image number 108
image: 109
grave: 248109
Margaret Wasey
image number 109
image: 110
grave: 248110
Susannah Morgan
image number 110
image: 111
grave: 248111
Robbins Cook
image number 111
image: 112
grave: 248112
Francis Cook
image number 112
image: 114
grave: 248113
George Robert Batterby
image number 114
image: 115
grave: 248114
Mary Ann Lewis
image number 115
image: 116
grave: 248115
Joseph John Kerrison
image number 116
image: 117
grave: 248116
John Wasey
image number 117
image: 119
grave: 248117
Thomas Ellender
image number 119
image: 120
grave: 248118
Charlotte Crisp
image number 120
image: 121
grave: 248119
Robert William Shackcloth
image number 121

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