Albert Edward Lingard grave monument in Section BB cemetery, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

Albert Edward Lingard grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Albert Edward Lingard
Maud Harriett Elizabeth Lingard
15/01/1984831901wife of Albert Edward Lingard
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image: 3742
grave: 238766
Richard Creese
image number 3742
image: 3743
grave: 238767
Ellen Denniss
image number 3743
image: 3744
grave: 238768
Robert William Davis
image number 3744
image: 3745
grave: 238769
Susannah Feeney
image number 3745
image: 3746
grave: 238770
Eva Rippington
image number 3746
image: 3747
grave: 238771
Ernest John Nuttell
image number 3747
image: 3748
grave: 238772
Alfred Hunt
image number 3748
image: 3749
grave: 238773
George William Linskill
image number 3749
image: 3750
grave: 238774
Mabel Wood Madin
image number 3750
image: 3751
grave: 238775
Louisa Marsden
image number 3751
image: 3752
grave: 238776
Albert Edward Lingard
image number 3752
image: 3753
grave: 238777
Gerald William Ball
image number 3753
image: 3754
grave: 238778
George Henry Tuck
image number 3754
image: 3755
grave: 238779
Minnie Whitcombe
image number 3755
image: 3756
grave: 238780
John Arthur Brant
image number 3756
image: 3757
grave: 238781
Emma Harriet Blythe
image number 3757
image: 3758
grave: 238782
Frank Phillipson
image number 3758
image: 3759
grave: 238783
George W Plater
image number 3759
image: 3760
grave: 238784
Edward Crook
image number 3760
image: 3761
grave: 238785
Ernest Patterson
image number 3761
image: 3762
grave: 238786
William Emmison
image number 3762

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