Alex B Renton grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Winchburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Alex B Renton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alex B Renton
25th April471944
Louise Renton
daughter of Alex B Renton
Sandra Renton
daughter of Alex B Renton
May Cannon
wife of Alex B Renton
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image: 10975
grave: 237104
Hector Nelson
image number 10975
image: 10977
grave: 237105
Margaret Mcburnie Owens
image number 10977
image: 10996
grave: 237108
Daniel Joseph McKeown
image number 10996
image: 10997
grave: 237109
Benjamin S Tait
image number 10997
image: 10890
grave: 237111
Agnes Sneddon
image number 10890
image: 10892
grave: 237112
Alex B Renton
image number 10892
image: 10893
grave: 237113
John R McCran
image number 10893
image: 10894
grave: 237114
Rose Cannon
image number 10894
image: 10895
grave: 237115
Agnes Brodie
image number 10895
image: 10896
grave: 237116
William Haddow
image number 10896
image: 10897
grave: 237117
Robert Haig
image number 10897
image: 10898
grave: 237118
Beatrice Rennie
image number 10898
image: 11024
grave: 237122
William M Webster
image number 11024

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