Alfred Beales Codd grave monument in Old Municipal Section E cemetery, Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Alfred Beales Codd grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alfred Beales Codd
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Alfred Beales Codd grave location

(40 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 228826)

The following thumbnail images are the 40 taken before and 40 after the one for Alfred Beales Codd was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Alfred Beales Codd below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Alfred Beales Codd grave.

image: Bell Edward 002
grave: 228786
Edward Bell
image number Bell Edward   002
image: Bennett Emma 489
grave: 228787
Emma Bennett
image number Bennett Emma   489
image: Bennett John 491
grave: 228788
John Bennett
image number Bennett John   491
image: Bennett Hetty Louisa 125
grave: 228789
Hetty Louisa Bennett
image number Bennett Hetty Louisa   125
image: Binks Louisa 164
grave: 228790
Louisa Binks
image number Binks Louisa   164
image: Bird Benjamin 314
grave: 228791
Benjamin Bird
image number Bird Benjamin   314
image: Bird Ellen C 074
grave: 228792
Ellen C Bird
image number Bird Ellen C   074
image: Borrett William 396
grave: 228793
William Borrett
image number Borrett William 396
image: Borley Joseph 063
grave: 228794
Joseph Borley
image number Borley Joseph   063
image: Boswell Eileen Joan 515
grave: 228795
Eileen Joan Boswell
image number Boswell Eileen Joan   515
image: Boswell Thomas Shuter 257
grave: 228796
Thomas Shuter Boswell
image number Boswell Thomas Shuter  257
image: Boto Kari Ruth 442
grave: 228797
Kari Ruth Boto
image number Boto Kari Ruth   442
image: Bradbrook James 184
grave: 228798
James Bradbrook
image number Bradbrook James   184
image: Bradbrook Walter 120
grave: 228799
Walter Bradbrook
image number Bradbrook Walter   120
image: Brame Sarah Catherine 476
grave: 228800
Sarah Catherine Brame
image number Brame Sarah Catherine   476
image: Brewster Elizabeth 083
grave: 228801
Elizabeth Brewster
image number Brewster Elizabeth   083
image: Bristo Miriam 318
grave: 228802
Miriam Bristo
image number Bristo Miriam   318
image: Brooker Mary Ann 337
grave: 228803
Mary Ann Brooker
image number Brooker Mary Ann   337
image: Brown G H 251
grave: 228804
G H Brown
image number Brown G H 251
image: Brunning Edith A 493
grave: 228805
Edith A Brunning
image number Brunning Edith A   493
image: Burgham Gertrude 321
grave: 228806
Gertrude Burgham
image number Burgham Gertrude 321
image: Burrows John 100
grave: 228807
John Burrows
image number Burrows John   100
image: Caddell Charles 330
grave: 228808
Charles Caddell
image number Caddell Charles   330
image: Caley Gertrude 172
grave: 228809
Gertrude Caley
image number Caley Gertrude   172
image: Candler James Nuttall 479
grave: 228810
James Nuttall Candler
image number Candler James Nuttall 479
image: Candler James Frederick 482
grave: 228811
James Frederick Candler
image number Candler James Frederick   482
image: Carr Charlotte 460
grave: 228812
Charlotte Carr
image number Carr Charlotte 460
image: Cattermole Harry 301
grave: 228813
Harry Cattermole
image number Cattermole Harry 301
image: Catt Elizabeth 295
grave: 228814
Elizabeth Catt
image number Catt Elizabeth 295
image: Catt Henrietta Hephzibah 296
grave: 228815
Henrietta Hephzibah Catt
image number Catt Henrietta Hephzibah 296
image: Catt Samuel 295
grave: 228816
Samuel Catt
image number Catt Samuel 295
image: Catt William 296
grave: 228817
William Catt
image number Catt William 296
image: Chapman Marriann 241
grave: 228818
Marriann Chapman
image number Chapman Marriann   241
image: Chapman Reginald John 182
grave: 228819
Reginald John Chapman
image number Chapman Reginald John   182
image: Cheseldine Ann 436
grave: 228820
Ann Cheseldine
image number Cheseldine Ann   436
image: Clarke George William 418
grave: 228821
George William Clarke
image number Clarke George William 418
image: Clarkson Frederick Henry 112
grave: 228822
Frederick Henry Clarkson
image number Clarkson Frederick Henry   112
image: Clarkson William S 281
grave: 228823
William S Clarkson
image number Clarkson William S   281
image: Cobbold 420
grave: 228824
image number Cobbold   420
image: Cocksedge Willie 415
grave: 228825
Willie Cocksedge
image number Cocksedge Willie 415
image: Codd Alfred Beales 058
grave: 228826
Alfred Beales Codd
image number Codd Alfred Beales   058
image: Codd Allan 069
grave: 228827
Allan Codd
image number Codd Allan 069
image: Coe David 447
grave: 228828
David Coe
image number Coe David   447
image: Cole George 483
grave: 228829
George Cole
image number Cole George   483
image: Collier Peggy 545
grave: 228830
Peggy Collier
image number Collier Peggy  545
image: Cone Eliza Elizabeth 266
grave: 228831
Eliza Elizabeth Cone
image number Cone Eliza Elizabeth   266
image: Cook Frederiica Seekamp 085
grave: 228832
Frederiica Seekamp Cook
image number Cook Frederiica Seekamp  085
image: Cook Henry Prior 080
grave: 228833
Henry Prior Cook
image number Cook Henry Prior   080
image: Cook Charles Joseph 209
grave: 228834
Charles Joseph Cook
image number Cook Charles Joseph   209
image: Cook Susan 456
grave: 228835
Susan Cook
image number Cook Susan   456
image: Cook T H 222
grave: 228836
T H Cook
image number Cook T H   222
image: Cooke Annie 328
grave: 228837
Annie Cooke
image number Cooke Annie  328
image: Cooper Elizabeth 152
grave: 228838
Elizabeth Cooper
image number Cooper Elizabeth   152
image: Cox Stephen 138
grave: 228839
Stephen Cox
image number Cox Stephen   138
image: Crapnell Louisa 030
grave: 228840
Louisa Crapnell
image number Crapnell Louisa   030
image: Cribb William Arthur 532
grave: 228841
William Arthur Cribb
image number Cribb William Arthur   532
image: Crowe John 101
grave: 228842
John Crowe
image number Crowe John   101
image: Daniel Ann 108
grave: 228843
Ann Daniel
image number Daniel Ann   108
image: Daniels Mark J 094
grave: 228844
Mark J Daniels
image number Daniels Mark J   094
image: Davey John 084
grave: 228845
John Davey
image number Davey John   084
image: Day George 240
grave: 228846
George Day
image number Day George   240
image: Day Sarah 478
grave: 228847
Sarah Day
image number Day Sarah   478
image: Day Thomas 227
grave: 228848
Thomas Day
image number Day Thomas   227
image: Denny Edith 114
grave: 228849
Edith Denny
image number Denny Edith   114
image: Denny F G 021
grave: 228850
F G Denny
image number Denny F G  021
image: Dersley Charles 233
grave: 228851
Charles Dersley
image number Dersley Charles   233
image: Dillon Edward 081
grave: 228852
Edward Dillon
image number Dillon Edward   081
image: Durrant Marjorie Jean 520
grave: 228853
Marjorie Jean Durrant
image number Durrant Marjorie Jean   520
image: Eastland Emily 043
grave: 228854
Emily Eastland
image number Eastland Emily   043
image: Eley Russell Wilfred 445
grave: 228855
Russell Wilfred Eley
image number Eley Russell Wilfred 445
image: Ellis Mary Ann 126
grave: 228856
Mary Ann Ellis
image number Ellis Mary Ann   126
image: Ellis Percival Edward 472
grave: 228857
Percival Edward Ellis
image number Ellis Percival Edward   472
image: Elliston Beatriice E 523
grave: 228858
Beatriice E Elliston
image number Elliston Beatriice E 523
image: Ethersey Richard 423
grave: 228859
Richard Ethersey
image number Ethersey Richard 423
image: Ethersey W T 425
grave: 228860
W T Ethersey
image number Ethersey W T   425
image: Farthing Eliza Clara 283
grave: 228861
Eliza Clara Farthing
image number Farthing Eliza Clara   283
image: Fenton Stanley 097
grave: 228862
Stanley Fenton
image number Fenton Stanley   097
image: Field Ellen 054
grave: 228863
Ellen Field
image number Field Ellen   054
image: Field Fredrick 457
grave: 228864
Fredrick Field
image number Field Fredrick   457
image: Finch Albert Edward 258
grave: 228865
Albert Edward Finch
image number Finch Albert Edward   258
image: Folkard Sarah 073
grave: 228866
Sarah Folkard
image number Folkard Sarah   073

Less thumbnails will be displayed if Alfred Beales Codd grave photograph was takens either near the beginning or the end of the photographic session. Instead of an image you will see one or more small boxes similar to the one shown below:

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