Ann Scotter grave monument in All Saints , Upper Sheringham, Norfolk, England

Ann Scotter grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ann Scotter
1916641852first name on monument
Matthew Scotter
1920721848husband of Ann Scotter
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image: 7709
grave: 21284
Fanny Upcher
image number 7709
image: 7711
grave: 21285
Mervyn Henry Wollaston Trendell
image number 7711
image: 7712
grave: 21286
John Pigott George Draper
image number 7712
image: 7713
grave: 21287
Emma Myhill
image number 7713
image: 7714
grave: 21288
George Chistopher West
image number 7714
image: 7715
grave: 21289
H. Hardman
image number 7715
image: 7716
grave: 21290
William Lason
image number 7716
image: 7717
grave: 21291
Fidhard V. Little
image number 7717
image: 7718
grave: 21292
Mary Elizabeth Grice
image number 7718
image: 7719
grave: 21293
William Christopher Johnson
image number 7719
image: 7720
grave: 21294
Ann Scotter
image number 7720
image: 7721
grave: 21295
May Elizabeth Carrood
image number 7721
image: 7722
grave: 21296
Sarah Ann Grice
image number 7722
image: 7724
grave: 21297
Lucy Ann Cooper
image number 7724
image: 7726
grave: 21298
Robert William Pegg
image number 7726
image: 7727
grave: 21299
William Bennett Bishop
image number 7727
image: 7728
grave: 21300
Benjamin Johnson
image number 7728
image: 7729
grave: 21301
Mary Ann Dennis
image number 7729
image: 7730
grave: 21302
T. Morris
image number 7730
image: 7731
grave: 21303
Samuel Nott
image number 7731
image: 7732
grave: 21304
Joseph Cooper
image number 7732

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