Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 212516Details of grave number 212516 at Congregational Wells for Frances Betts

Frances Betts grave monument in Congregational burial ground, Wells, Norfolk, England

Frances Betts grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Frances Betts
Thomas Matsell
1862811781brother of Frances Betts
Thomas Betts
husband of Frances Betts
Mary Matsell
1867 son-in-law of Frances Betts

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image: DSCF0774
grave: 212506
Maria Wordingham
image number DSCF0774
image: DSCF0775
grave: 212507
Josiah Anderson
image number DSCF0775
image: DSCF0776
grave: 212508
Maria Betts
image number DSCF0776
image: DSCF0777
grave: 212509
Phillis Bunting
image number DSCF0777
image: DSCF0778
grave: 212510
Mary Baker
image number DSCF0778
image: DSCF0779
grave: 212511
William Gamble
image number DSCF0779
image: DSCF0780
grave: 212512
Robert Baker
image number DSCF0780
image: DSCF0781
grave: 212513
Ann Mary Baker
image number DSCF0781
image: DSCF0782
grave: 212514
Robert Plattin
image number DSCF0782
image: DSCF0783
grave: 212515
Mary Oldman
image number DSCF0783
image: DSCF0784
grave: 212516
Frances Betts
image number DSCF0784
image: DSCF0785
grave: 212517
Mary Matson
image number DSCF0785
image: DSCF0786
grave: 212518
Martha Berwick Betts
image number DSCF0786
image: DSCF0787
grave: 212519
Samuel Albert Bell
image number DSCF0787
image: DSCF0788
grave: 212520
Edith Ramm
image number DSCF0788

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