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James W Williams grave monument in St Gregory burial ground, Rendlesham, Suffolk, England

James W Williams grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James W Williams
Marjorie Elizabeth Williams
1992771915wife of James W Williams
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find James W Williams grave location

(20 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 208618)

The following thumbnail images are the 20 taken before and 20 after the one for James W Williams was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for James W Williams below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the James W Williams grave.

image: Smy William Edgar 168
grave: 208598
William Edgar Smy
image number Smy William Edgar  168
image: Snowden George 200
grave: 208599
George Snowden
image number Snowden George   200
image: Snowden Sidney 202
grave: 208600
Sidney Snowden
image number Snowden Sidney  202
image: Spurgen Laura Jane 205
grave: 208601
Laura Jane Spurgen
image number Spurgen Laura Jane  205
image: Spurgen Robert 204
grave: 208602
Robert Spurgen
image number Spurgen Robert  204
image: Steel William Thomas 151
grave: 208603
William Thomas Steel
image number Steel William Thomas   151
image: Suckling Kate 181
grave: 208604
Kate Suckling
image number Suckling Kate  181
image: Tate George 195a
grave: 208605
George Tate
image number Tate George   195a
image: Tate George 195b
grave: 208606
George Tate
image number Tate George  195b
image: Tate George 210a
grave: 208607
George Tate
image number Tate George  210a
image: Tate George 210b
grave: 208608
George Tate
image number Tate George  210b
image: Thellusson Arthur 226a
grave: 208609
Arthur Thellusson
image number Thellusson Arthur   226a
image: Thellusson Arthur 226b
grave: 208610
Arthur Thellusson
image number Thellusson Arthur  226b
image: Thurkettle Herbert Allan 176
grave: 208611
Herbert Allan Thurkettle
image number Thurkettle Herbert Allan  176
image: Thurkettle Honor Elizabeth 175
grave: 208612
Honor Elizabeth Thurkettle
image number Thurkettle Honor Elizabeth  175
image: Tibbenham John 135a
grave: 208613
John Tibbenham
image number Tibbenham John   135a
image: Tibbenham John 135b
grave: 208614
John Tibbenham
image number Tibbenham John  135b
image: Tibbenham Samuel 134
grave: 208615
Samuel Tibbenham
image number Tibbenham Samuel  134
image: Turner John 073
grave: 208616
John Turner
image number Turner John 073
image: Webb Bertie 149
grave: 208617
Bertie Webb
image number Webb Bertie   149
image: Williams James W 163
grave: 208618
James W Williams
image number Williams James W 163
image: Woodhouse Fanny Turner 159a
grave: 208619
Fanny Turner Woodhouse
image number Woodhouse Fanny Turner 159a
image: Woodhouse Fanny Turner 159b
grave: 208620
Fanny Turner Woodhouse
image number Woodhouse Fanny Turner  159b
image: Wright David 165
grave: 208621
David Wright
image number Wright David   165
image: Wright Elizabeth 142
grave: 208622
Elizabeth Wright
image number Wright Elizabeth  142
image: Wright William David 167
grave: 208623
William David Wright
image number Wright William David   167

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This breadcrumb trail system was added to the GPR on 15th August 2016.