Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 183631Details of grave number 183631 at St Nicholas Dilham for Herbert Hannant

Herbert Hannant grave monument in St Nicholas burial ground, Dilham, Norfolk, England

Herbert Hannant grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Herbert Hannant
Lily Mary Hannant
1952811871wife of Herbert Hannant

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image: IMG 6740
grave: 183621
Florence May Mason
image number IMG 6740
image: IMG 6741
grave: 183622
Doris Marsh
image number IMG 6741
image: IMG 6742
grave: 183623
John William Germaney
image number IMG 6742
image: IMG 6743
grave: 183624
Harriet A E Lines
image number IMG 6743
image: IMG 6744
grave: 183625
Laura Elizabeth Hannant
image number IMG 6744
image: IMG 6745
grave: 183626
John Paterson
image number IMG 6745
image: IMG 6746
grave: 183627
Robert Cuthbertson Paterson
image number IMG 6746
image: IMG 6747
grave: 183628
Harry George Knights
image number IMG 6747
image: IMG 6748
grave: 183629
Hector Herbert Hannant
image number IMG 6748
image: IMG 6749
grave: 183630
Ron Hannant
image number IMG 6749
image: IMG 6750
grave: 183631
Herbert Hannant
image number IMG 6750
image: IMG 6751
grave: 183632
George Bunton
image number IMG 6751
image: IMG 6753
grave: 183633
Harry John Doughty
image number IMG 6753
image: IMG 6754
grave: 183634
Philip Dunthorne
image number IMG 6754
image: IMG 6755
grave: 183635
Bridget McEniry
image number IMG 6755
image: IMG 6756
grave: 183636
John Punchard
image number IMG 6756
image: IMG 6757
grave: 183637
James Alfred Pycroft
image number IMG 6757
image: IMG 6758
grave: 183638
John Burton
image number IMG 6758
image: IMG 6759
grave: 183639
Jane Burton
image number IMG 6759
image: IMG 6760
grave: 183640
Harold George Scott
image number IMG 6760
image: IMG 6761
grave: 183641
Isobel Kate Scott
image number IMG 6761

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