Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 183563Details of grave number 183563 at St Nicholas Dilham for Archie M Hannant

Archie M Hannant grave monument in St Nicholas burial ground, Dilham, Norfolk, England

Archie M Hannant grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Archie M Hannant

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image: DSCF4783
grave: 183553
George Douglas Daniels
image number DSCF4783
image: DSCF4784
grave: 183554
Arthur Thomas Daniels
image number DSCF4784
image: DSCF4785
grave: 183555
Beatrice Evelina Daniels
image number DSCF4785
image: DSCF4786
grave: 183556
Emmeline Daniels
image number DSCF4786
image: DSCF4787
grave: 183557
Arthur Read
image number DSCF4787
image: DSCF4788
grave: 183558
Patrick Heley
image number DSCF4788
image: DSCF4789
grave: 183559
Ivan James Fisher
image number DSCF4789
image: DSCF4790
grave: 183560
Irene Westgate
image number DSCF4790
image: DSCF4791
grave: 183561
Herbert William Bell
image number DSCF4791
image: DSCF4792
grave: 183562
William Faulke
image number DSCF4792
image: DSCF4793
grave: 183563
Archie M Hannant
image number DSCF4793
image: DSCF4794
grave: 183564
Evelyn Maud Hannant
image number DSCF4794
image: DSCF4795
grave: 183565
Horace Albert Courtenay
image number DSCF4795
image: DSCF4796
grave: 183566
Keith John Sidell
image number DSCF4796
image: DSCF4797
grave: 183567
Annie May Smith
image number DSCF4797
image: DSCF4798
grave: 183568
John Lyall
image number DSCF4798
image: IMG 6688
grave: 183569
M Brownsword
image number IMG 6688
image: IMG 6689
grave: 183570
Charles Waters
image number IMG 6689
image: IMG 6690
grave: 183571
Benjamin Hannant
image number IMG 6690
image: IMG 6691
grave: 183572
Benjamin Hannant
image number IMG 6691
image: IMG 6692
grave: 183573
Mary S Hannant
image number IMG 6692

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